Fireplace-metal insert to metal flue connection

I don’t know much about these chimneys. Is it OK? for the insulation to be exposed at the joint between the metal smoke chamber and metal flue?




It is curious that the insulation and flue appear so clean, though the insert has some creosote deposits. I believe the insert has been used somewhere else, but never in this installation. The connection of the insert to flue should be corrected.

Hi James,

The liner is definately new. I didn’t know if the exposed insulation was OK because it is fairly far away from the firebox but I had my concerns.


Exposed insulation probably means “gap” between connections which means “way bad”. According to the way I see the photo, this needs immediate attention.

I did recommend a qualified (licensed around here is non existant) chimney sweep inspect further.

Recomend a Level II inspection of chimney and related components be performed by a chimney sweep certified by CSIA, the National Chimney Sweep Guild, or other certifying body.