Fireplace clean out location

My inspection yesterday the fireplace ash clean out is located at the back of the firebox. I do not see this as being safe. I didn’t get a better picture of the outside. What do you have to say?

Why do you see it as unsafe?

It is okay…IMHO

The clean out door would get very hot and is not protected from being touched and items stacked outside at the door will be subject to heat and if the door isn’t latched closed coals could exit the firebox to the outside.

The condition of the chimney is a bigger issue. i.e. bricks missing, improper flashing from what I can see here in NE Ohio.

The flashing and missing bricks have been noted in the report. Missing bricks on the other side out side also. And a missing brick in the firebox to the left of the clean out.

They will only touch it once…LOL

The rest is operator error.

Seriously, recommend a guard be installed for enhanced safety from burns, if you want to.

Recommend (minimum) a Class 2 Chimney Inspection, which should always be performed at all change of ownership transactions, (at a minimum)!!


A lot of “if’s” there. If the house was on a slab, that would be where it is. You normally don’t clean ashes with a fire going in the fireplace, so there should be no reason to have a hot clean-out door.
You need to get a mason to do repairs and inspect the chimney brick also.


Like Marcel said … Try not to invent problems

Thank you everyone. All very good points and exactly what I was hoping for from you guys.

Good advice, and that’s why I posted. Thank you.