Fireplace clearances

How do i verify if i am looking at standard clearance or reduced clearance. I don’t see any kind of indication on the piping. I’ve never had this before like this.

If this is for standard clearance the clearance is wrong however if reduced clearance it’s good.

Starting at page 10 in the manual below. It is determined by the type of connector used.

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Was it a manufactured home vs a regularly constructed home?

Don’t forget the floor protection:

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It is a standard stick built home.

Who puts a wood stove in front of a window?

I was not aware of that thank you so much. I now know for the future.

Am I reading this right it looks to me like I’m looking at a Selkirk model DCC which doesn’t appear to be approved.

I see an ameri-tec dcc that is approved and I see a Selkirk model ds that’s approved.

So based upon my interpretation of what I’m seeing it does not appear to meet manufacturers specifications.
Am I correct and what I think I see