Clearance to combustibles?

I recently did an inspection of a house that had a flue pipe for a wood burning stove running up the exterior side of the house and through the soffit and roof above. Siding is T-111 and untreated wood shakes. The flue comes within 6" of the siding. I could not find any documentation for the fireplace and am not sure what the current building requirements are. Can you all give me some advice on this?



6" spacing would apply to single wall. That picture shows at least a double wall and possible triple wall. It may actually be “Zero” clearance acceptable. OEM safety info should have been stamped into the material.

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Not sure what type of flue that is. There should be mfrs. markings on the flue pipe.

It it’s type HT it needs to be 2" minimum to combustibles.

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Will, I think you may have missed that he was talking about a wood burning stove. I know of no single wall pipe for wood burning that can be within 6" of combustibles…single wall for gas, yes.

Metalbestos brand requires 2" to combustibles also. I believe what is shown in the picture is too close to combustibles because it is touching siding at the wall.

I do.
It’s triple wall and 1" clearance to combustibles is OK for vertical runs.

You know of a single wall pipe that is called triple wall?

Well now were both in error. Sorry. Read too fast.:frowning:

Will never said single wall was OK for zero clearance.

I said he did?

We all agree that the photo appears problematic.

You claimed Will “missed” something. What did he miss?

No harm no foul Larry. I apologize again for my hastily composed and erroneous post.

I have only seen “zero clearance” refer to the fire box portion of manufactured wood burning fireplaces and those usually have some type of stand off built into or attached to the outer shell.

That it was a wood burning stove…

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