First 10 members to reply to this post win 101 piece screwdriver set.

101 piece screwdriver set. Very nice prize!

10 left!



8 left.

I’ll take one! Thanks Nick!

I will take one Nick, Thanks

6 left.

Me me me

Nick, please send along the to girls at the back of the trailer to deliver the prize please :mrgreen:

5 left.

These are really nice, not cheap junk, high quality. You’ll love them.

5 left still.

That new guy is gonna really be pissed he missed this. He musta stayed up 3 days in a row trying to win a door prize. Probably took a pee break and is gonna miss it.

His wife saw this thread, yelled to him, and he came running out of the bathroom door with his pants down and toilet paper in tow. :smiley:

Any more left? Do I win one?

Yep. 4 left.

Claude Lawrenson

Claude gets in, 3 left.

How about now? Do I get one?

Stephen makes it, 2 left.