First 8 to reply win an autographed PIC of American Gun star Paige Wyatt.

Compliments Paige Wyatt.

ron monaldi naples fl.

Pass. My wife would hate that.


Bruce King
York SC

Chris Currins
Alton, IL


Sean Fogarty
Knoxville TN

Tom Hession
5550 98th ave
Pinellas Park, Fl 33782

Wife says pass :wink:

Mark Timpani Tucson AZ

I guess I’ll pass too. My wife hates guns.

ha ha

Tom Palma
Aurora IL


Jeff Pope
Santa Clarita CA :smiley:

Roy Drangstveit, Prior Lake, MN

First 8 won… Congrats!

Maybe the others would prefer an autographed pic of Chumley… from Pawn Stars

LOL! Hey I wish I could have got one, my hubby would have liked it. Paige not Chumley, LOL!