Hot PIC of Nick with American Gun star Paige Wyatt.

I was hangin’ out with her tonight. Anyone a fan of the show?

Good show. Who doesn’t like a show about guns. Think her parents are more your age.

Enjoy the show alot. Still shaking my head over the Pink Colt 1911 they made.

I am now!

I do watch it on occasion.

check her ID, Nick.

Watch it when I can remember to…she isn’t in any danger…she is armed and dangerous and she knows how to use firearms.

Didja tell her she has nice guns?


Why is Nick sucking in his stomach during the photo? LOL :slight_smile:

the owner of it was worthy:shock::wink:

Definately ‘healthy’. :twisted:

Caution! Remember Herman Cain!

no can’t say that I do Joe :wink:


What episode will you be in?

you must like books because you have alot of ** Paige’s… **

Gotta say Mark, when you speak more than two words, you definately make them count!

Very nice!!!


Scrawny little thing but smiles a lot.

Our Paige is a lot prettier.

Both are fun to watch.

Have you guys in a social setting and talked to Paige…what a freakin hoot!

Her and Nick…have shall we say…hmmmm…adult bantering…the shock factor is not to be seen…anything goes…