First inspection today

I go on my first inspection today here in beautiful Florida. It is a Wind. mitigation and 4 point inspection. I am so sorry. I didn’t know that what Yahoo was doing that. And I did not even know what the heck you guys were even talking about. I am so sorry


Happy for you Arthur…it’s a start.

And happy you were able to remove this >>>> Yahoo Mail: Search, Organize, Conquer <<<< from your postings, too. :+1:


Best of luck !!

Thank you and sorry

Yahoo Mail: Search, Organize, Conquer

Oh, Man… :flushed: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :roll_eyes:

What’s with you?

No >>> Yahoo Mail: Search, Organize, Conquer <<< on your 1st post in this thread…now it’s back. SMH :roll_eyes

What all as I did was say thank you

Yahoo Mail: Search, Organize, Conquer

He tagged his post, and is replying to other posts through his Yahoo Email account, so Yahoo is adding their BS to his posts. He needs to go into his email account and change the settings that allow Yahoo to do this. Even if he added a MB Signature… the Yahoo Spam would still show up as part of his post… or he could just go directly into the MB (NOT through his email) and avoid all the BS.

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Thanks for the explanation.

What’s more concerning is that he has no idea what we are talking about.

Aside from the spammy-ness of it, it is not very observant for an inspector.

Oh, well.


He probably doesn’t see it, as he’s looking at his post in his email, and Yahoo prolly doesn’t show their own link to him.
The one time you didn’t see their spam… he prolly signed into the MB directly through Internachi.