New Message Board Live!

Hey everyone,

The new message board is up and running. I’m still playing with some of our new features, so certain things may come or go over the next few weeks depending on how people use them. The new forum software integrates a lot of “social networking” features which can be great, but can also be abused. We’ll see how it goes.

Over the next couple of days we’ll be posting about new features and notable changes. We’ll also be stomping out any bugs that we missed in the beta testing. If you notice any bugs, please contact us.

Now let’s see who get the first “first” post :slight_smile:

So, who is the winner? Just curious?

I tweaked my signature. I like the “Add your own picture” feature.

Hi Chris,

Have we lost the option to view the BB in full screen mode, my old settings disappeared the side menu, but I cannot find that option now?


Where did “marketting” go, or am I missing it.

Yikes, no more spell check. We’re in trouble now.:mrgreen:

Not enough people used that option to make it worthwhile to maintain it (I had to rewrite this entire theme to work with the new message board system). Maybe in the future I’ll create a new “minimal” option, but not right now.


Oops! I’ll try to get the spell checker back on as soon as possible.

Hmm?it looks like the spell checker we were using doesn’t work on this version of the forum, so I’ll have to find something new. In the meantime, I’d recommend installing ieSpell, which lets you spellcheck any field in Internet Explorer, or use the newest version of Firefox, which has inline spellchecking (red underline, like MS word).



Its very nice. Thanks for your hard work.

Google Toolbar adds spell check as well.

What is the new avatar size limit?

I already messed up and created a second identity…sorry:roll:

I’m with you Gerry. I also used the MB in minimal(to get red of the blue sidebar)

I hope Chris will add that option back in.

I miss the minimal option already:(

Looks good so far Great job Chris


Where did the little globe in the header go to take you to a poster’s website?

Don’t know if anyone else is having this issue… when I click on a thumbnail pic for a second time, I get a message box that says ‘You don’t have permission to perform this action. Refresh page and log in again’.


You’re going to find lots of little issues. Just let Chris know. Whenever you do a big forum upgrade you lose your customizations and mods and have to start going back and recreating them. I know when I’ve had a forum running a long time you forget half the ones you’ve made and the other half won’t work for the new version and need to be rewritten.

How about adding “Spell Checker” to the Private Messages section?

Frank, install and it will spell check for you everywhere online.