first inspection

im just starting my company and haven’t done my first inspection and im really anxious about missing something or screwing up has anybody else encountered this and how do I get through it correctly?:shock:

Absolutely, don’t rush yourself, take your time and don’t try to complete the report on site. Have confidence in yourself and everything will come together.
Have fun!

Congratulations on starting your company Billy!

The first inspection is always a little nerve racking and this is normal for most. I will echo David in saying that you should take your time and try to complete the report on site if possible.
Try to practice on friends’ and families’ houses if possible so you can develop a procedure which suits you.

There are many colleagues on this MB which will gladly assist if you have questions or require advice on matters you encounter in your practice.

Best regards and Good Luck!


We all have felt that way.
Heck there are still some days where I feel a jittery for a minute.

Try and get someone to go with you the very first time as that certainly helps.
Remember to bring a checklist with all your systems and components listed so you do not forget any categories.

To this day I love looking at the forum to boost my ego and realize I am superior to all…LOL

Seriously though look at the listing and think about the property type where you are going and what systems you may be weak on then spend early morning hours with a nice cup of coffee educating yourself on your weakness. it really helps].

Keep the forum or a buddy on speed dial.

Call me from the site if you wish at 773-410-2896 and will be happy to help if not busy.

Ask friends and family if you can practice on there houses, even do an inspection or two on your own home. You may be surprised as to what you will find in you own attic or crawl space. Practice will help form a routine.
Also go to the control panel and fill in where you are from. This will help others help you.

Are you doing system by system or room by room?
A good checklist is what pilots use before and during flight. That can give you confidence until you get your report tweaked the way you want it.
Also, often, there are many report formats to help you at the different software websites.
I have other inspectors text pictures to me to get an opinion, regularly.
Relax, take your time, don’t let yourself be distracted and enjoy yourself…it all helps.
If you need a break tell your client you’ll be back in a few after a short coffee break and re-group.

That’s just the big pole…camera talking.:smiley:

I agree that doing mock inspections will do a lot to boost your confidence!

Nachi requires you do four minimum but why not do more?

Remember to go the full route, write up a report and go over it with the “clients”.

Next obvious question is what type of format are you using…? will give you what you need for uploading pictures and a good narrative which is incorporated into the template(s). It’s free for the first fifteen reports as a Nachi member. You might try it out prior (if you don’t already have a program) and give yourself some time before you commit to a quick turn-around on the report itself.
It takes practice on both fronts. Let the photographs you take be your guide as to the nature of the areas of concern.
Good luck!

Home Inspector Pro offers a free trial for first 3 months so get started with a good software and plan on staying in business.
Report Host has a history of going off line and then you have no way to send clients a report while it is down.

Be reliable.

We also have a great forum and the best customer service of all software.

Yes… No previous skills required!! No pitch on this end. Just the facts please

Congrats Billy! The others are correct, and I second the motions:
The best thing to do is practice. Friend, relative, neighbor. It’s almost like stage fright, or public speaking, but you get better the more you do it. Some have the “gift of gab”, others have to acquire it. Don’t get overly friendly and lose your train of thought during the inspection.

My first 50 or so I used a checklist until I developed and memorized my routine. There are many helpful members on this mb, so just post the question and someone will join in to help.

Good Luck!

I think he got scared and left.


print out a blank report to take with you to make suer you miss not a thing

Make you own checklist, look at others out there but make your own so it revolves around who You are and how You inspect. Take that checklist and do your own house off of it, so you get a feel for the list in using it. My first checklist was awesome - I thought , when i used it on a mock inspection I realized the layout of the checklist was horrible and tweaked it about 5 times.
#1 Rule - PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS , better plan on taking 150 pictures easily, bring back up charged battery and a spare camera just in case you drop your first one - Yes it will happen
Tell your clients that you perform 2 inspections - one at the house then second when you review your hundreds of fotos, so you may see something that you didnt mention to them. This will show that “WOW this guy is anal but hey its to my benefit”
No inspector gets it 100% right, just try and strive to be 99%
Good Luck , my first inspection was a $920,000 house I was frantic but after the first 5 minutes your training kicks in and if you see something and you are not sure - Relax , photo the crud outta it and research it when you get home AND ask this forum. This forum is the best thing for our business - Tons of knowledge with a tad of sarcasm at times ;o)