How much doubt did you have when you first started?

Hey all, new guy here! I’m experiencing some major analysis paralysis right about now and would like to know what it was like starting out for you guys?

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Welcome Alexander!

I was nervous but if I got too nervous I just told the client that I hd to take a break and check my files in the truck.

A good way to keep the client busy is to give them a clip board and pencil and tell them to write their questions down and I will answer them at the end of the inspection when we review everything or if they are right by me and I am not thinking or writing/typing they can ask me then. It is okay to say that you don’t know but can find out through your connection with 10,000 inspectors around the US and Canada and get back with him.

Just relax, you’ll do fine!


Welcome aboard, Alexander! As Larry said, relax and you’ll do fine! Like any business, it takes a while to adjust and get comfortable with it.


Welcome Alexander! I didn’t have any doubt, I was excited and a little nervous on my first inspection when I thought about interacting with the client. But that dissipated quickly as soon as I got there and introduced myself. Just remember you are the inspector they chose. And always use their first name, it is the sweetest sound to someone when you are talking to them. You got this!


Alexander, welcome to Home Inspection and all the opportunities and rewards that come with this career. If you have not done so already, I suggest that you contact some established inspectors for a ride-along. This will give you the opportunity to do a complete inspection without any of the stress or responsibility. Then your first time won’t be your first time.

I was nervous about doing my first paid inspection. I think it is only natural when you know enough to realize that you don’t know everything. But I was lucky. My first job was on a vacant house and the buyer was out of state so, like much of the past year, I was able to take my time and had no distractions as I had the house to myself. I spent four hours on site at that 1000 sqft 1960’s era home, then ten hours writing the report.

And since that day it has been getting easier, faster, and more fun. I have a lot more tools (toys) and better software, and I’m comfortable enough to actually enjoy every inspection.


On my 1st paid inspection, I had all the confidence in the world.

It was around my 3rd paid inspection that I realized I didn’t know anywhere as much as I thought I did!


Treat it like your first date.


It’s like getting on a motorcycle for the first time. If you aren’t terrified there isn’t much between your ears. It will get easier and as mentioned above you will enjoy it. There’s some great advise up there ^^^^^^^^^^.


I’ll keep this in mind when I’m nearing my first inspection. I’ve actually been in research mode for the last month and all signs point towards this being a great profession if you’re willing to work your tail off! My background is in Software Engineering and I’ve found that I like to move around, instead of sitting at a desk programming for 10 hours.


That didn’t go so well, I’ll treat it like my second date!


Welcome…Happy Inspecting !!!


Care to expand on your first date? We need more grins around here. :grin:


Did you do home inspection part time or full time? I’m planning on using my PTO from my current full-time job and once my funnel gets filled faster I’ll quit and go full-time

I was able to focus 100% on starting a home inspection company, unencumbered by other jobs and financial responsibilities or stress. My situation is unique.

A lot of people get into home inspection part time if they can’t afford to build the business from zero to hero over the span of many months while living off of savings or a spouse’s income or whatever.

Everyone’s situation is unique. One great thing about this business is that you can set your own hours so having a full time job or part time job while growing your H.I. business is an option.
Mark your calendar as “busy” during your primary job and be available on those others days or evenings. One of my assistants is a full time Fire Fighter. He works 24-hour shifts followed by two days off. So I get him 2 out of three days. Not bad. We are preparing for him to take the NHIE and get licensed so he can inspect solo.
When you are getting enough inspections that your primary job is getting in the way, you can probably support yourself on just the inspection money. Each inspection is hundreds of dollars. The tipping point kind of depends on how much your full time job is paying. At minimum wage, one home inspection pays more than a whole week of punching the clock. Its harder to leave a good-paying job. So again, everyone’s situation is different.


:sweat_smile: Nope, not going to open that can of worms here haha