Finally, first home inspection

I have my first home inspection tomorrow and I’m nervous. It’s a prelisting inspection so I understand he’s okay with me finding problems. How’d each of you handle your first???

Just like all the practice “no fee paid” ones I did. You’ll be fine once you get started. Don’t hurry, answer questions, take lots of pictures, be as personalbe as possible. Oh, and if you join NACHI you can tell your client that you have 9,500 inspectors at your back.

Icelegend 20?? Say, you wouldn’t be Jo-Jo Starbuck, would you??:smiley: :smiley:

Don’t rush through your inspection because you sense others are in a hurry. This is a common beginner’s mistake and a bad one. Take the amount of time you feel is necessary to do a good job.

Do your first inspection just like your 200th, with the same sense of humbleness, professionalism and thoroughness.

I know you are scared. I certainly was.

If you believe that you are good, and do everything you can to serve your client, while remembering that you never stop learning and, if you are good, never will, you will do fine.

Just serve the clients. You, like us all, will make mistakes. If you do, just do everything you can to make it right.

We have a service, in our Chapter. On their first paid inspection, a member can ask a more experienced inspector to come along on a ‘reverse ride-along’. The mort experienced guy goes along and plays assistant (carries the ladder and tools) and keeps the new guy’s back. Afterwards, the experienced one compares notes with the new guy to make sure that nothing was missed. But the new guy writes his own report. It’s his inspection. The ‘help’ is only there to help and provide experience and a second set of eyes.

The client is none the wiser.

You will do great. Just do it!

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If your not sure about something, write it down and ask
questions on this forum. Then you can contact the
Client and tell them that you thought of additional
information that they needed to know. Include this
in your written report.

Good luck and don’t be offended if the Realtors hates you…

Hate them back…:wink:

If you dont have a check list Make one up and use it.

You guys are the best, very thoughtful and compassionate. If I get sued I know I can come here for support!

Nope, my name is Rey Williams!

Sued!!! Hey, I never met you. :shock:

Make sure you are broke and have no assets and
the lawyers will really think hard about going after you.

To be totaly honest I really don’t remember my first inspection. I spose I could look it up , but why bother. All I can tell you is to do your job the best you can.
Do not make any “Oh my” noises. Do not let the home owner hound you. Do not let the Realtor influence you. Just do your job and be thourough and you will be fine.

**Most importantly if you have any questions post them here on this board and the masses will give you all the help you need.
NACHI MB resitance is futile.:cool:

If you do have a couple o’ bucks in your checking account, hide it in a Nigerian investment club. 8-

Erol thats not nice. lmao:p

Do you really remember your first inspection?

Yes clearly. The realtor tore my business card into little pieces then threw it in my face when I called out a crumbling foundation needed further evaluation. Had it been a male realtor that did that he may not be a realtor anymore and I would no longer be an inspector. Just kidding… I think. :twisted:

WoW! I swear I do not remember my first “real Inspection”

I do however remember my bad( complaint) inspections and the folks involved.

Do not think I am nuts as I did a lot of non fee paid inspections before I did my first "real " inspection.

It’s easy for me to remember that because it has never happened since. That was a real good lesson for me. From the moment we started the inspection “Betty Big Hair” :slight_smile: started taking control. Never again.

Hope I’m not to late to pipe in . . . take your time . . . be relaxed . . . if your client ask a question and you don’t know the answer, be honest and let him know you’ll get back with an answer (here on this board, everyone is extremely helpful) . . . I remember taking close to 40-50 pictures on my first inspection (just in case I missed something in report, photos help jog the old memory) . . . remember to have fun.