First inspections

I’m just starting out with my inspection business. I haven’t yet performed an inspection. I’m wondering what the best way get the information from the home being inspected to the office where I can use my software to type up the report. A basic checklist with notes, a voice recorder note pad app, actual report software printouts??? I’m just not sure on how to go about this. This is probably a bone head question for those who have been doing this for years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

In my opinion, either a tablet pc or I just use a camera. The pictures are my notes.

I used a printed out version of the report and took lots of pictures. I found that I didn’t miss things if I filled in the report as I went along.

tablet Pc is awesome. If money is tight… i started with a regular laptop setup in the kitchen and a notepad. It works great but you do alot of walking. Cameras are great note takers especially for the attic, roof and crawlspace.

Use a laminated copy of your report and a voice recorder. Works great, and you shouldn’t miss anything then.

3D programme with a PDA for notes and information gathering / recording.

I think just getting started is a checklist and your camera. Take lots of pictures even though you’ll only use a few in your report. Be familiar with your camera to take clear pictures of dataplates so you don’t have to write down model numbers and serial numbers. After a while, you’ll establish a routine and not really need the checklist. Also, look at your pictures closely when you are doing your report. From time to time I’ll find issue in a picture that didn’t jump out at me during the inspection.

Great advice.

I just take pics. alot of pics. on average about 200 for a 2000 sq ft er. I include at least one pic for everything i write up in the report. Looking at what i wrote i guess i take a pic for about every 10 sq ft. hmmmm.

Anyway Wayne, Hi :smiley:


Welcome Wayne,

All good suggestions above, but sometimes we forget what it was like on those first dozen or so inspections.

My recommendation for all new inspectors, is to print out a blank report (field notes) and take lots of pics. In fact, take “too many” pics. You need to get used to the process of inspecting, info gathering, and camera usage. You don’t need to be worrying about forgeting things. Follow your field notes until all items are inspected. Follow this procedure for at least a dozen inspections. Only then will you have first hand knowledge, and be able to decide what you are comfortable with, and what changes you wish to make, if any.

Good luck, and do what is right for you and your biz. Only you can decide that.


Very good advice again Jeff. Nothing wrong with taking a blank with you and making sure you have everything covered. Your clients will appreciate it. And did you say something about a website?:wink:


HomeGauge has a nice “cover your a s s” feature built in so you don’t forget to check stuff.

Thank you all for your help. The process should be easier than I had envisioned with the expertise I gained from all the comments.