inspection checklists

Hello guys,
I’m fairly new to home inspections. I’ve only done a few so far.
As we all know its very easy to forget to look at one thing or another during an inspection.
I was wondering if any of u guys would be willing to share your checklists, or at least tell me where I could find a few. That way I would be able to use it the next time I have an inspection.
I’ll gladly accept any file format u guys send me, (word,pdf,excel, access, etc…). or suggest i use.

Also what devices do you guys use for the checklists, small laptops, hand held small computers, tablets, etc, while doing the inspection?

Thanks in advance


most people dont use one. we just establish a routine and work in a cirle back to the starting point.
print a blank report to take with you.

I would recommend;

  1. Print out a simplified standards of practice to refer to during the inspection and check off as you complete.
  2. Focus your efforts on mentorship by an experienced inspector, preferably more than one. Even if you have to pay for these ride alongs, it will be worth every penny.

Hovig, check your email.
Robert is right. What is important is you find the routine that works best for you.
Printing a blank report is also good idea as you could get used to an inspection routine that is in the same order as your report.

Hello Hovig
You may print this page and bring it with if you think it may help.

Just glance down and see if you have forgotten to inspect anything you see or write short notes in the blank space if needed.Personally I find the camera is the best note taker as it may catch something you need to remember later.

I use the same routine on every inspection. I carry a HP Ipaq and sometimes a laptop with a program called Palm Tech. If you miss something in a category it won’t close out. Check around there are many different programs to use. Many of them have demos that you can try. You will establish your own routine that you are comfortable with.

There are some checklist forms in but I urge you to try Home Inspector Pro as well.

Carrying around a handheld type of device that helps you do your inspection (like the HP iPaq 210) is a good solution. Not only can it have checklists of items to inspect but can also have reference data that you can reference to while you are doing your inspection. Our software has been used by home inspectors for 15 years now on handheld devices to help in the inspection process and to eliminate the countless hours of creating a report later in the office. Where are you located ?

When you are first starting, a list is a a very good idea, but you will find that most software will guide your process. What will be very important is that when you review your process you should designate those things which you missed. Each review you should check those things first and then add any others you’ve missed. You will find your misses will decrease as you remind yourself of your forgotten items and form your mental checklist.

Bob is right about photos making good notes. They can save your butt if you get back to the office and forgot something.

Please post in the profile area where you are from ect…

Send me a private e-mail and we will send you a word format check list (basic)