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Need your guys opinion on the following:

1) While on inspection take hand written notes or use a checklist.

2) Process reports at home using Palm Tech Windows 98' Desktop then e-mail reports.

Can it be this easy?

I'm a newcomer and will feel more comfortable preparing a report without people watching over my shoulder in a hurry to leave. My biggest question is what do I give to client/realtor at site?



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Well welcome to the club Erol,

I just started out 2 1/2 months ago, so I am still new to the HI biz.

What you don't want to do is take hand written reports, you will be there for hours, for you will NEED to write EVERYTHING DOWN AND WILL HAVE PEOPLE WAITING ON YOU ![icon_redface.gif](upload://f7DX2EWhmUfsDapWaYT3oJHMCj1.gif)

As you get more business YOUR SPEED will increase. I use a hand held tape recorder and a blank checklist and I talk as I go down the list. Like you I don't want to make up a report on site as of yet.

Down load the NACHI agreement, Have It filled out before hand and give it to your client. I leave with my tape recorder, checklist, SIGNED AGREEMENT and Check.

I do the report at home using decent software www.homeinspectorsoftware.com on their page you can download a blank report.

Everything else should fall into place.

Good luck [/url]

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Folks, my partner and I have been in the business for a while and have done 100’s of reports. We stick with the KISS theory (keep it simple stupid). I developed an electronic PDF form/checklist, incorporated our letter head on it and can generate, print or email a report in less than 10 minutes.

You print a blank checklist, clear your digital camera, and head to the next inspection.

If you are interested is my software program, I can customize it with your letterhead and include anything you need along with altering the report later as needed.

I do this as a side business, so I don't have to make a house payment off one report, like many software companies. Email me if I can answer any questions.


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What really works good and is easy is to use a voice recorder and a digital camera. Take down a few notes like serial numbers and capacities, works great for me. I do an on-site report so if I forgot something I`m right there and can check it out.

Kurt Bliss

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I have been doing inspections since 1995 (over 3500) and have found that using a worksheet on site, then printing a report back at the office is the most thorough. Very seldom has a realtor or buyer asked for an on site summary, and if they need one, a hand written summary sheet is easy to make on your computer with your logo or letterhead. I just make sure that the report is faxed or delivered to them the same day. By doing the report off site, you are able to think carefully about any issue that came up at the inspection, and report it accordingly. The Realtors I work with prefer a narrative report rather than a checklist, if for no other reason than the carbonless check sheets don't fax easily.

Good Luck