First One to Name The Concerns, Wins A Prize

Name the concerns and I’ll send the first right answer a copy of structural concerns for home inspectors.

No lip on the crown?


Flues too close?

Nope. I think your going to learn something from this. That’s way I posted this, hopefully someone will get something from this.


What was the small flue serving?

Heating Flue

Was it too long?


Lol I give up

Needs cap to extend out side the chimney and this needs a drip edge so water falls from cap and not onto the brick chimney .

What was the source o fuel?

Natural Gas

With your experience, I’m surprised your not seeing the obvious. :smiley:

The spark arrestor cap is not high enough?

Your looking right past something

Tiles to close together and different heights
Still needs a proper Cap too

I said too close already

Ice popsicles? Frozen rebar?