First Sellers Inspection

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I am doing my first sellers inspection on saturday. What wording do you guys use to explain to clients that the buyers inspector may come up with different defects that where either not apparent or non existent at the time of the inspection. I doubt there will be any major differences in reports but I want my client to understand that there will be differences.

** I doubt there will be any major differences in reports but I want my client to understand that there will be differences.** ?
You work for your clients I hope.
Start with a Null hypotheses Juan.

As for the owners of the home; introduce yourself, show them your certification and get to work.

INACHI have a customer service form you can leave behind for the home owners to evaluate your professional courtesy and service.

Explain you will act with respect in their home and the inspection is non destructive. I have foot socks and ware them all the time.
When you do the attic cover their cloths with plastic if there is insulation. Sweep anything off the floor when you leave.

Some inspectors show the owners safety defects out of respect.
Up to you.

As for your question. you work for your clients.
You have nothing to say to agents unless you like to have dirty knees and a wet mouth.

Robert… a Sellers inspection is an inspection for the Homeowners. His client is the homeowner, aka. the Seller!

Thanks Jeffrey.
the words first sellers inspection threw me way off as you noticed.

sellers inspections in my neck of the woods, few to none.

I do maintenance inspections.
Even sell pre-sales inspections the same way.
Thanks again Jeff.

The null hypotheses is very impotent.

I have done rental, pre-sales and component inspections.
I always address the clients like this.

I am impartial and will do my best to insure you I find any defects and explain them to you in full. I will report then to you in person during your post inspection review. (Its famous you know) HA HA HA.

Just be prepared for clients that challenge your findings at times.
Talk softly. They will adjust.

Its an eye opener sometimes.:o
In several cases anyway.

Talk soft and write hard.

The clients can be a little miffed when you start showing them there home have been neglected. Opps by the previous owner remember. HA HA HA HA

I don’t usually make that kind of statement on paper, other than the contract verbage which says the inspection is a snapshot in time. I do the inspection and include everything, minor through major, and don’t worry about it. If another inspector wants to throw me under the bus, 99% of the time it will be for something minor(which is petty) or it will be for something which couldn’t be accessed the day of the inspection. I’ll deal with the 1% if the time comes.

Alternatively you can say, “The Inspection and the Inspection Report are not exhaustive in nature. Other professionals evaluating the same property may report on issues differently or include/exclude other issues.”

In over 12 years…
The Reports are the same…

Findings are not reported differently for a Seller vs. a Buyer…

Actually booked for a Pre-List tomorrow with an Investor that I have worked with for many years…


Thanks Cameron that’s what I was looking for. Did I ask the question wrong or something?

I don’t know, I’m not sure but I swear people aren’t responding to your thread. :slight_smile:

Inspection is the same. Wording is different. The, “before close of escrow” comment that many use is nonsensical in a seller’s inspection. Take out mention of closing or time frames.

I know the inspection and the report are exactly the same. I was asking for a good way to tell my clients their buyers inspector may come up with different defects than I did.

Heck, they don’t won’t to be reported to the BBB…:twisted::wink:

Hahahaha funny but he meant that a few of the responses didn’t answer the question at all.

How can you tell… hypothetically speaking, of course?!:wink:

Me think that the null hypotheses’s importance should not be confused with a prick and a vagina :twisted:;-)!

Sure go ahead and kiss up to Cameron.:wink:

Pre-sales, Sellers-Inspection, Potato, Patato -inspection Juan.
Both the same unless as Cameron stated your client asked for spastic components , system, and/or structures to be omitted/included.

PS. Sorry Juan buddy, all the best. You will be just fine.

I know the inspections are the same…

I can sense your eyes rolling. :slight_smile: Too funny

Come on people, read the first post before you comment!:wink:

Well at least someone understands me


I have done several sellers inspections.

The differences are in the tools used, inspectors experience or lack of, weather conditions.

I have had a newer inspector miss hail damage on a roof (this was done by another inspector in my chapter that asked me how to handle)

I inspected a home that was pre inspected and several big issues were missed.

If you inspect when it is dry other inspector may find leaks.

Maybe the other inspector will use IR, a borescope and other tools you may not.

Be as detailed as possible as your pre inspection most likely will be inspected by another. Is it a 10+ year vet or a newbie just out of school.

I hope you perform many more pre-sale inspections.