First time with soil foundation..?.?.?

Hey guys did a mock inspection on my mother in laws home oldest home I’ve looked over and got a few things that made me scratch my head.

I have only seen this type of foundation in a picture during my inspector class but wasn’t really discussed, So in the small unfished basement its about 5ft of soil then a mix of brick and concrete. is this normal and ok for a house built in 1940? should I note anything about it on my report?

That picture sux. No detail. We weren’t there, so we can’t see what you saw in person. What else you got? If you don’t have more/better, you need to paint the picture with your words. Get used to it… begining now.

Knob and tube wiring was “normal and OK” back in the 1920’s, but considered deficient by current standards (Ha! see what I did there?) You can’t really use “old standards” when addressing existing conditions.

The real question (it seems to me) is whether the foundation is performing its intended function, which is to provide solid and stable support for the structure that rests upon it. Do the floor slope? Are there cracks in the walls? Do doors stick? Does the exterior veneer show signs of movement or stress? Anything less than level, plumb, and crack free may be enough for you to defer to a foundation expert, especially in this instance.

Ok guys thank you for the tips, Every day is a chance to get better at something… Ill make sure my pictures and stories are more detailed going forward…Appreciate the input