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Had a listing Realtor Agent request to see state certification and insurance before letting the residence to be inspected. Has this happened to any one by the listing agent before?

Once a seller who was an insurance agent requested it and also asked to be named on my policy.

I’d tell her I don’t work for you and as a Florida licensed HI I have all that is required.

most likely cause you are not the agents preferred inspector.

What’s the big deal? Show it to them. Just because the state says you have to have insurance does not mean you do. Look how many GC, roofing contractors, etc. don’t carry the proper insurances. She was just protecting her client

We have had them ask for proper insurance cert prior to entering the home

“We” meaning who?

Not sure I understand the question. Our company…

You stated “We have to ask” all I want to know is who is the we asking?

“We have had them ask for proper insurance cert prior to entering the home” Them = Sellers and buyers or agents

You guys have to realize this is normal practice if you are a contractor…which in a sense you are

I’m a Florida residential contractor , But as an HI doing an inspection and not doing any sort of construction why would “WE” have those requirements?
Lets say the bank inspector is there doing a draw inspection would you require this of him/her?
I’m not sure I have a card that validated my coverage.
When starting a new construction project I call the Ins co. and have them issue a cert to the ones who request it.

As a licensed contractor performing work, (new construction, renovations, repairs, additions, etc…), how many projects per year would the average company do? Providing insurance certs for a relatively small number of projects would be much easier to do compared to an inspection firm doing 1 or 2 or 10 inspections per day and having to have their insurance provider send a cert. listing the home owner as a certificate holder.



I carry both with me at all times.
Only been asked twice.
What is the big deal? :roll: :roll:

Sounds like part of doing business to me. Never complained as a General contractor nor see any reason as a HI. Again part of doing business. If you inspect new homes be ready to provide it to every developer every time you go. Personally as a general contractor that has had to deal greatly in insurance I perfectly understand someone wanting proof. If you say your insured don’t expect anyone to take your word for it and they are in every right to protect themselves. Don’t fight it and if someone asks produce them with what they ask for.

In Florida if you have a HI or Contractor license you have already proven compliance.

You have proven nothing to the person asking…which is why they are asking. Once you show them, now you have proven compliance.

Not true. Your licensed is not revoked that day if you have a laps in insurance coverage

That I know is true. So what does your insurance provider give you to show them ? A insurance card I very well may have one but hell I never paid attention to it. I just talked to my agent now she’s sending me the declaration of coverage that should make everyone happy