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Question- I did an some insurance inspections today. The guy who did the general 5 days ago listed w/ ASHI and the guy is Certified Res. Contractor. No HI license… is that allowed? Just wondering?


Also list he does repairs and WDO?

If he did a fee-paid residential inspection operating as a home inspector he must be state certified as a HI, with a certrification number that begins with HI and must be presented to the client prior to an inspection. Being a C/GBR/C does not cover it since 6/1/2011

I am not sure but I think if he called it a home inspection and presented it as such he would need a home inspection license. I believe that Florida Licensed Division One General Contractors would automatically meet the requirements to be a home inspector but to sell a “Home Inspection” one must be a licensed home inspector. I personally think that sucks but I do believe that is the law.

Illegal. He is supposed to have a home inspector’s license.

He is a GC…he can do what ever he wants… :slight_smile:
He may have called it an evaluation for bids on work in which case, it could be legal.

If he is doing WDO inspections, he has to be employed by a pest control company and at least have an ID card.

He is listed with ASHI as a home Inspector… But not licensed. Which i find funny! Unlicensed doing home inspections… member of THE GROUP/Holy “ASHI” I had agent the other day ask if I was a member of ASHI. I said I am licensed by the state. She had no idea the there was such a thing!

Even ASHI’s Code of Ethics prohibit offering repairs on homes that you inspect. So- if he is an ASHI member and offering repairs on homes that he inspects, that would be a violation of their COE.

He must be a state certified home inspector and it has been made easy for C/GBR/C to do this as they are still grandfathered in until 7/1/2012. All they need is to give the sate the monies for licensing. Of course you knew there was going to be money involved. The state wants their $330.

He is not … I checked. Don’t no where or who he works for on the termite. Either way interesting! He is not one on the 500 in the pine las area

West coast of Florida no different than East Coast

Mike Landry is a really nice guy and he’s been performing home inspections for years. Many Realtors think he’s the “best” home inspector in Naples.
Was on a job this week that he was doing the home inspection.
Landry’s Inspection Services, Inc.
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I have been a State licensed inspector since 1998. Florida just started to requiring inspectors to be licensed in 2009.

I thought you had to be licensed as a home inspector to do home inspections – silly me
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Yea and every driver on the road has a drivers license…oh yea… and the ones that do have a license… really do know how to drive !

If you required them to know how to drive first some group would just have the rest grandfathered in or change the requirements so anyone can get a license.

About 250 mold assessors in Collier and Lee Counties and only about a dozen would qualify for a license today without grandfathering.

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Wow never thought I would see Doug promoting an unlicensed person. Mike says he has ben a licensed inspector since 1998, pretty amazing since we just start the licensing the past couple of years. I know, I know he didn’t say HOME INSPECTOR…

This is an older thread, but Mike has been doing unlicensed Home Inspections for the past few years, I would have thought he would get his license, guess not.

O well, gotta do what a guys gotta do…

Wow never thought I would see Doug promoting an unlicensed person.

I was not promoting / personally I think he’s a - anyway have looked at this board in weeks. How do you have time to dig up year old posts.

never much here worth the time unless your a home inspector

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A CGC does not need a HI license. They do not need to grandfather in or take any classess or tests. they can inspect, prepare a written HI report in any format they and their client agree to or not issue any report, do repairs, assess mold, remediate mold or supervise their employees who are doing the work. A CGC is not accountable to any HI SOP unless they are dumb enought to claim it. End of story.

Can you show me a link or something that proves this so I am not silly enough to re up a license I do not need.

Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

This is not correct as of 7/1/2012 when the grandfather window closed on Division 1 contractors being able to do fee-paid home inspections. They are required to be a state certified HI (that was the reason for the year extension on the grandfather clause). They can do Insurance inspections but NOT Home Inspections as outlined in the state law. Gets a bit confusing but it is what it is.
If a CGC, CBC, CRC wants to do fee-paid HI then they must meet all of the regular requirements now.
**Licensure by Grandfathering **
Legislation passed during the 2011 legislative session which allows three new groups of professionals to apply for licensure by grandfathering as a home inspector. These groups include individuals with current certification as one- and two-family dwelling inspector issued by the International Code Council or the Southern Building Code Congress International, individuals with current certification (active or inactive) as one- and two- family dwelling inspector issued by the Florida Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board, and individuals with a current (active or inactive) Division I contractor license issued under part I of Chapter 489, F.S. Grandfathering for these individuals will be available until July 1, 2012. The department will continue to process the applications that were previously filed by applicants who applied by March 1, 2011 under the prior grandfather provisions.

He isn’t a CGC neither…soooooo what good does that do?

I am I am. Tell me the truth.

I would love not to have the extra expense.