fishermen and your spots learned traveling.

Hey Curtis, all you need is a pole and some line, put a wild shiner on the hook and you will probably have one in less than 5 minutes. I swear they know that we will throw them back and they do it just for our amusement.

Aubrey my daughter would come home from school and fish till she had blisters from stripping poppers for bass. Keep up the good life and hope to see you in Sarasota at the meeting.

Thanks Mr.Khan.
Thanks for supporting this thread.

Hey, I am looking forward to it my friend. How old is your daughter, mine are 17, 15, and the youngest just turned 14 last week.

Those dam things are on steroids.
If they played baseball they would be infront of the courts with Barry Bonds. HA HA HA HA.
Curtis what am I doing wrong. HA HA HA

Robert they feed all year down here. A Bass to get that big up there would be 150 years old. LOL

Glad to help my Young. When I was just a teenager living in South Africa the husband of one of my dads fellow workers would take me fishing at night. We would fish from midnight until 6am. we would fish from the pier at the harbor until the dolphins would disturb us then we would head to the beach and fish from the surf. We would catch sharks, cod, and all kind of fish. Never ate the sharks but everything else. We would use frozen sardines, octopus, and any live bait we could catch. Nowadays the only thing I could teach you to catch would be a cold. My kids are far better fisherman then I ever was.

thats the beauty of catch and release, they live to keep growing. The largest male we have cought has been less than 6 pounds, but the females are huge.

My only child is 26 and her soon to be husband doesn’t fish. She will get him hooked or just keep fishing with me. When she brook a rod for the first time she was worried I would be upset. I smiled and told her it is just a tool and it will happen again. Youda thunk she burnt the house down. LOL. Fishing is a great activity for kids of all ages

Amen to that, it keeps them busy and off the streets where they can get into trouble.

God bless you Mr.Khan.
CATCH AND RELEASE!!!:slight_smile: