Counting fish, I mean fish...

OK, I know a few people here are from Pa, so guessing I’m not the only one anticipating tomorrow. Open season for Trout. Anyone one else going to wet a hook?


:cool::cool::cool::D:DNow here’s someone asking about IMPORTANT STUFF, I’m starting to worry that my Home Inspection business may be getting in the way of quality Fishing Time, that’s anytime you’re fishing.

Many of our Rivers and lakes here in North Idaho are open year round, some just switch to catch and release, and some are that way all year. With all the runoff the water levels are too high right now, but if the weather holds I may go to Montana Sunday and wet a few flies.

The trout fishing here used to close completely in the fall, and in a way I do miss the anticipation and excitement of opening day, but not as much as I enjoy fly fishing in the Winter on a beautiful sunny day with all the snow and being the only person on the river, the steam rising from the water, a couple of Moose munching the willows across the river, no traffic and only the sounds of rushing water and a few birds and the chatter of the Pine Squirrels, and sometimes maybe even a fish or two…maybe I’ll go to Montana tomorrow.

You guys in PA have a great time this weekend, if you get out this way give me a holler, the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene, the St. Joe, the Clarkfork, the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Clearwater, and many other fantastic trout streams are all just an hour of so away.

Good luck Tom!

Sorry, Tom. The only opening day I can get excited about is MLB, starting Sunday. Enjoy the fishing, though!

Opening day for Salmon is this Sunday in NH but we still have ice.
I might try some of the inlets, it’s going to be nice out so it’s a good excuse to go play abit.

decisions decisions!

Trout season is always open here. Crappie spawning about to or has occurred and Turkey season opened this morning!

My dilemma, I must finish my inspection reports from yesterday! :slight_smile:

That’s the trouble with year round seasons, you sometimes let work interfere with what’s truly important, Fishing or Sailing.

Well, guys, we don’t have any trout or salmon around here, alas. However, we do have quite a few of these trashy thangs. This one was 13 pounds, 8 ounces, caught in a **farm pond!:mrgreen: **


… and to think I was excited about the Red Sox Yankees game coinciding with NFL draft on April 28th.

I was always a salt water guy myself … living in PA makes it a bit difficult to just jump in the truck and head to the Cape for some stripper fishing.

Have a great time Tom and good luck!



NO fish, just great to get outdoors. Wifey works(long hours) on weekends so each weekend is a ‘guys day out’. My 5 year old hung out for a couple hours at the Lehigh Valley Builders Association Spring show and then go fishing. I got my son this rocket shooting fishing rod. It kept him busy while I worked a spinner.

Good day, hope to leave many good memories for him to tell his kids about. They need to know about their crazy Grand-Dad. :smiley:


Did you say Stripers!!!

I can’t wait!