fishermen and your spots learned traveling.

Being a home inspector takes you on the road.
There must be fishermen that look for that new sport to drown the worm and pass some free time on your travels between inspections.
Looking to start some chit chat and get the ball rolling.
In Montreal Quebec there are 52 species of fish waiting to be caught.
I am going to Presqu’ile Ontario. 243 Main St.
Brighton, Ontario
K0K 1H0
I am looking for brook trout streams seeing its spring and the water is high in the like brooks brookies spawn in.
If you have any fishing holes. Lets get a thread going across North America.:slight_smile:
Hope I am not the only one.:o

100_1030.jpgRobert no brookies down here but this is one of the Sea Trout I caught yesterday in N. Tampa Bay:D

Started a thread on misc.discussion Mr.Vilt.
Do not want to go off thread with to many posts.
Fishing spots on your travels as a HI.
Trying to get fellow fisher men at INACHI posting spots they visit when traveling or just to start any fishing chatter.
See you there ?

There we go Curtis.
Nice job. Dam nice fish mate.
Makes a nice meal Curtis?
What are you using for gear. Medium action rod 7 foot with bait-caster?

I am going to save that photo.take your head of with my Corel 3X software and put my head where you head was.
Then show it to my friends. HA HA HA
Say I caught it. HA HA HA.
Tell them it is a fresh water fish I had never caught before.

Robert if you want to put your head on big fish pics let me know.:—) lol. I have been very fortunate in my quest to catch lunkers. Here I was throwing a Mirro lure Mirrodene with a 7’ St Criox & Shimano Sustain 5000 my favorite combo to date. I have a collection of fishing paraphernalia. LOL. I don’t troll anymore and am looking to move my ski’s, boards, flashers etc… I welcome any member looking for a good time fishing to contact me.:mrgreen:

Nice equipment Mr.V.
Dam I am one step down from you.
Caluutta with 7 footShimano Convergence. or Fenwick HMC.
Just like you. All the medium entry level gear.
Yours is more high end.
I have been on Fenwick for 10 plus years now.
Dam Mr.V. I have to try to get down this winter.
Love the pinocchio. HA HA HA HA HA.
No not you to. I almost choked on my second piece of pie.
Mr.Cyr dropped a joke 5 minutes ago on my first piece of pie.
See you working on your flash media.
No do not put my head on any of you catches. HA HA.
I am a honest fisherman.
Scale and tape and photo’s when alone.
If I am with someone, I pay them to exaggerate. HA HA.

Robert I like my Calcutta heavy action spinner with Penn. Great Snook rod and very light. It would be great if you could make it anytime. If you come at the right time you will think your still in Canada with all the tourist LOL

Baby Tarpon , and Beach Camp -Cape Sable, Fl.

When it comes to fishing my favorite memory was laying back in a small rowboat surrounded by hills at Lake Norfolk in Mountain home Ark on glass like water that is pure enough to drink and the sun slowly setting as our boom box at our feet gently played out Led Zepplins No Quarter while life and the universe was discussed in detail.

Caught no fish and no one cared.

I don’t have your fancy equipment, we do have $10 rod and reel combos from K Mart and we do own a quarter of the lake in our subdivision. The rules are catch and release. The darn bass are so spoiled they won’t take lures anymore and will only respond to wild shiners. We don’t care though, we just enjoy landing and releasing 12 - 14 pound bass.

Aubrey we all enjoy 12-14 pounders even if we are just dreaming. LOL

I am sorry we should not have used our bragging rights.
Thank you for bringing it up.
Yes you fish. I am so happy you have come into the thread to start to share. I hope all inspectors that fish or learning to fish can use this to access places one has enjoyed fishing at.
Share a tail, give advice, tell us what do you use as bait or that added edge to grab those elusive lurker’s to happy little pan fish that always make a great shore lunch. Add to the happy experiences that all like minded fishermen enjoy.
Mr.Kahn. Please come in any time. Love to have you here.

I ws told get a kid hooked on Fishing they seldom get hooked on Drugs

Here is a tid-bit.
If you travel into Montreal and on through to L’Ile Perrot. At the south eastern end is a windmill and point. Henceforth the name WINDMILL POINT.
It is an excellent start to ones journey because several species can be caught off shore or a boat rental is not far away. A 2 minute drive.
Mr.Lauzon rents older style wooden boats at 65 dollars a day.
There is minnows and worms, plus suckers at times with leaches. No fishing with live frogs or crayfish on most parts of the river anymore.
Why? they have imitations that drive the fish wild.
10 types of fish can be had and all within a 2 minute putt from the boat rental.
Windmill Point offers beach fishing for Carp, muskies, bass, large and smallies, if you wish to walk the rivers banks.
The back drop is a 18 plus nine hole golf course and it is fun for the family to.
Please post your spots for fishermen and anyone interested please
Its your part of the world and maybe you can help others find that out of the way place they need to unwind.
Happy and safe fishing this 2011 season everyone.

God bless you for bringing that up Roy Cooke.
Again your wisdom do not fail to let common sense down.
Yes get those kids out and about.
It will bond your children with a interest in hobbies, nature, compassion,and bring you closer to your child.
It is so important to instill the best footing and foundation possible for your family.
Thanks Roy…

Here is a good place to start to read and find information on fishing,
Many articles on the internet to help you tie knots, what line, rod reel combo to by, the colors to use on spoons, flies, poppers,top water bait , the presentations to try, and I can go on and on.
Have your children get involved and the whole family can get involved in fishing picking out a spot.
Fishing’s has many branches to the sport, camping, tail gate fishing excursions,shore walking , fly fishing, associations, boating, water sports etc.
The more you get involved and start fishing as a sport you will enjoy reading the shoreline for bottom structure, flow, looking for points and how fish are off points waiting for fish to come to them.
Fish are temperature based. They all are.
They live in a zone that suits there comfort and survival.
Like humans and HVAC systems adjust our comfort level in our homes. As do fish as they seek the thermocline layers for oxygen and temperature…
Some are suspended at temperature zones at certain times of the day.
You have to know this to locate specific species. Like Wallie, Lake Trout, Muskie, Northern Pike and most fish species to have or guarantee a better outcome.
They are all on the move at different times of the season.
It is spawning and habitat that influence the places to fish in that section of water you are on.
You see Mr.Chan, its exciting and educational, bonding and family oriented.
Again the colors to use in the water you are on. Clear water, tea stained, fast flowing river, spring feed lakes that are cold for trout etc.
It as in-depth as HI Mr.Chan and science has been recording fish and there actions sense mans earliest days when he used fishing to sustain himself for nourishment.
Please have question do not hesitate to call on myself of Clint for help.
Again Mr,Khan. Good fishing.

Some of the bass we have in our lake. These were caught by my youngest daughter and our neighbor and released back into the lake.


:shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock: Aubrey have I told you what a great guy you are? And I am on the way so you can teach me.:mrgreen:.

Curtis, as you can see my friend it’s not a dream, it’s reality. Like I said we practice catch and release. The lake is well balanced and we have not had to do anything to the fish population with regards to feeding them. There are crappies, catfish etc and it all seems to work together. Heck we have turtles, sand hill cranes ( which feed out of my daughters hand), egrets, cormorants etc feeding from the lake. When we first bought the house there were water moccasins in the lake, we must have killed more than a dozen, no rattlers though.