Last fishing trip on soft water

Went out today to try and catch one more trout before the season closes.

Got skunked but what a nice view of the White Mountains from Lake Ossipee, Got home and took this picture of turkeys in my neighbors front yard. Like they say, catching fish is a bonus!

nice day up north Pete nothing like New england in the fall by the way see those turkeys again its almost thanksgiving

Beautiful, Peter. It looks a lot like Michigan.

I did an inspection for a spanish speaking family today and truely felt blessed that I was able to help them get a step closer to their dream.

I don’t need to ask “how’s it going”?! :slight_smile:

I used to camp/fish with my friend from Concord, Ma. at Lake Ossipee all the time. Then we started doing every weekend on the Big Lake when I got my bigger boat.

I can feel the Autumn weather in your pictures!
Yesterday I was sweating, sighting in Deer Rifles with friends.
Tomorrow we leave for the mountains where it reminds me of the White Mountains. Some vegetation exists there that is indigenous only to the White Mts. !

We can’t shake the heat this year, but it will be like this over night one day soon! :shock:

What a wonderful way to spend the day. Better luck next time.

Thanks Guys, just like to share a little part of my world with my NACHI friends!!!