FL DBPR adopts InterNACHI's Inspector Exam for licensing.

Russell Hensel bet me it would never happen… and I just love winning bets with him ;-).

Congrats. I am sure some charity will benefit :slight_smile:

How are you going to administer this exam?

Inexpensively. Like everything else we administer: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm The NHIE was overcharging.

Just saved two of my crew, $200 each!



What can I say “Great Job Nick!”
Now you have to get Rhode Island on their feet. After going through Florida’s license program. I have to go through Rhode Island’s program.
Nick take care of Rhode Island set them straight.
If I can help I will.

Now I just try to take the Advance HVAC course and it said I am not a member please fix so I can take and finish course.

Thanks Nick,