Questions about FloridaNACHI & Grandfathering exam

  1. Am I a member of FloridaNACHI?

  2. How do I know if I am a member?

  3. If not how do I become one?

  4. How do I sign up for the grandfathering exam in Tampa?(Nov 20th was it?)

  5. What are the prerequisites for the exam?

  6. Do I need to bring anything?

  7. How much does it cost?

  8. How does the exam work? If I pass it am I automatically accepted as a licensed home inspector by the State of Florida?

  9. Can my father take the exam as well even though he is not a member of InterNachi?

  10. Is there a website or post on the forums with more details about this exam?

  11. Who can help me with any further questions?

Thanks in advance guys and gals!

You are automatically accepted as a member of Florida Internachi when you pay for the proctored exam. has the details

100.00 prepaid through paypal bring receipt to the exam

once you pass the exam and get your cert. it is ONE part of the application process. you have to go to the DBPR website for the application. you need your education credits, fingerprints, insurance cert, a check and some other stuff spelled out in the application

Dad needs to be a member of InterNACHI to become a member of Fl intenachi and complete all of the requirements as well

there are tons of threads on this just hit the search button

I am sure if you email Zoe Flacker she will help you with any other questions you may have.

you dont really need anything else on exam day other than knowledge


  1. You are not a member of Fl. Internachi until you pay the $100 and take and pass the proctored exam. You have three chances of passing the exam the day that you take it. i believe only one person has failed, it is the same information that is on the non proctored exam to become a member of InterNACHI. You must first be a member of Internachi in order to take the Proctored exam to become a member of Fl Internachi - so your dad will not qualify unless he first pays $289.00 to join InterNACHI

  2. Once you pass the proctored exam you are automatically a member of Fl NACHI.

3)See No. 1 above.

4)Contact Zoe Fackler - She is the proctor of the exam. Her info can be found here on InterNACHI

5)Only prerequisite is to be a member of InterNACHI

6)Pencil - drivers license - Internachi Member Number - payment if you haven’t already paid - - anything else they might require on the application for test.

7)The exam is $100.00 ---- There is no membership fee for Fl Nachi

  1. No - The proctored exam simply makes you a member of Fl Nachi and enables you to follow fullfill the grandfather requirements to become State licensed - After you have passed the proctored exam Zoe will give you a certificate that states you have passed a proctored entrance exam to a Nationally recognized organization - this is just one of the States requirements. Then you will need to take or prove that you have completed 14 hours of Nachi course work - take the course and download your certificates as proof - then go to the DBPR website and complete the online application for licensure for Home Inspector - You must pay the State a $335.00 application fee and submit the exam certificate as well as proof of continuing education. You will also be required to certify that you or your qualifying company has obtained a $300k liability insurance

  2. Father must first join Internachi in order to take proctor test.

  3. Internachi has a link to Fl Nachi site that has directions -

  4. Feel free to call me at 772 539-2909
    I can provide all the answers to your questions as well as where you might want to purchase the needed Liability Insurance

Thanks guys! I emailed Zoe a few weeks ago and she never got back to me so that’s why I came here.