flaking clay brick

Can theses bricks be sealed or do they need to be replaced.

Stewart, those bricks can be sealed to stop any further water intrusion, but will not make them look any better.:slight_smile:

The bricks need to be replaced if they want to look like the un spalled bricks.

The flaking surface is a classic example of “spalling,” a type of failure caused by moisture and the freeze/thaw cycle. Water from rainfall, melting snow and froze inside the brick when the temperature dropped.

Spalling is primarily caused by water that gained access into the brick. Compressive forces in the wall can also cause spalling of brick.

That brick in your picture looks like a brick manufactured in Citadel. It is a very moisture absorbent brick and should have been sealed on the onset of the installation.
There is a possibility that a few of the bricks could have been under fired in manufacturing, but would bet it is all due to moisture absorption, freezing and thawing cycle.

Hope this helps. :):smiley:

Thanks Marcel. Do you think if the spalling is removed and the bricks are sealed that the remaining portion of the brick will be structurally sound given that we do not remove to much of the brick.


Who cares?

Simply report that the bricks are spalling and move on. Let your Buyers decide on the next step.

some people like to learn things

Exactly Mark.

If it is an inspection report, then it would simply be Bricks are spalled and needs repair to prevent future delaminations.
Right? :):wink:

Thanks everyone. The reason for my questions is that my client was well aware of the spalling and had recieved many opinions on how to proceed and hired me to give him my thoughts. My client and I are members of networking group that I have been trying to promote annual inspections to. Therefore I want to do more than confirm what he knows but provide as much information as I can get from the largest home inspection organization in that I know of.
Again Thanks for your help.