Brick Veneer Cracks

Hey Guys-

The house was only a few years old and in about every 10’ x 10’ area there were a handful of bricks with cracking on the surface. No cracking was evident in the mortar so I imagine the cracks were there prior to installation. Weep holes were present.

Do you recommend any kind of repair on this or just note it? My client is from another state so was not at the inspection. Thanks.


Those occur during manufacturing and are called “firecracks”. I personally wouldn’t worry about them, but you could argue that they can take on water and spall. You could mention they are there and encourage the owner to learn proper maintenance and monitoring for that kind of brick finish.


You have very interesting brick down under.

I agree, seen it many times.
Most are skin deep but in freeze and thaw country, could spall as mentioned.
That type of brick absorbs a lot of moisture.

The 3rd pic is a weep hole.

I am in the freeze and thaw country…so do you recommend they use a repair kit or filler to close them up?

Not too many sealants I know of that would be aesthetically pleasing.
Usually the cracks are superficial and a good brick sealer every five years does the trick.
Before the brick is fired, it must be dried to remove excess moisture. If this moisture is not removed, the water will burn off too quickly during firing, causing cracking.

Typically, a good mason keeps an eye out for these and uses them for cuts. Like anything else in this industry, it is all about quality control. :slight_smile:

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This is fire crack and i don’t think so there is any need to worry about it.