flammable vapor ignition resistant

Does a gas water heater that is a flammable vapor ignition resistant
need to be 18’’ above garage floor?


Here Ya go!

2006, International Residential Code For One and Two Family Dwellings
Part VII, Plumbing CHAPTER 28
P2801.6 Water heaters installed in garages.
Water heaters having an ignition source shall be elevated such that the source of ignition is not less than 18 inches (457 mm) above the garage floor.

2006, The International Residential Code For One and Two Family Dwellings
**Chapter 20, Boilers and Water Heaters **
Chapter 13, General mechanical system requirements

M1307.3 Elevation of ignition source.
Appliances having an ignition source shall be elevated such that the source of ignition is not less than 18 inches (457 mm) above the floor in garages.

For the purpose of this section, rooms or spaces that are not part of the living space of a dwelling unit and that communicate with a private garage through openings shall be considered to be part of the garage.

M1307.3.1 Protection from impact.
Appliances located in a garage or carport shall be protected from impact by automobiles.


M2005.1 General.
Water heaters shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and the requirements of this code. Water heaters installed in an attic shall conform to the requirements of Section M1305.1.3. Gas fired water heaters shall conform to the requirements in Chapter 24. Domestic electric water heaters shall conform to UL174 or UL 1453. Commercial electric water heaters shall conform to UL1453. Oiled-fired water heaters shall conform to UL732.

M2005.2 Prohibited locations.
Fuel-fired water heaters shall not be installed in a room used as a storage closet. Water heaters located in a bedroom or bathroom shall be installed in a sealed enclosure so that combustion air will not be taken from the living space. Direct-vent water heaters are not required to be installed within an enclosure.

M2005.2.1 Water heater access.
Access to water heaters that are located in an attic or under floor crawl space is permitted to be through a closet located in a sleeping room or bathroom where ventilation of those spaces is in accordance with this code.

I hope that this information has been of some help. Feel free to add it to your data base.

Gee Frank, for a man who has all those letters after his name and who pounds ASHI at every corner, you certainly haven’t a clue as to what you’re talking about!

2006 IRC- G2408.2 Exception. Elevation of the ignition source is not required for appliances that are listed as flammable vapor resistant and for installation without elevation.


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**The FVR issue was cleared up before I even posted. **

You will see that I went to the IRC and looked up “Plumbing / Water Heaters”.

**I was just adding information in case anyone wanted to save it for their database. **

**You will also see that I did NOT state that this information was for “Flammable Vapor Resistant” water heaters.:roll: **

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The posted question was asking about FVR; your post was in response to his question:

“Here Ya go!”

I don’t see anywhere in the previous post where FVR was clarified.

My point is simple; you gave out BAD information. Everyone is entitled to mistakes; hell, I’m sure even Nick & Bushart have made some (but probably won’t admit it).
You blew it but at least you admitted your mistake. Most importantly, David’s question was answered CORRECTLY!

All I’m saying is he who throw stones, shouldn’t live in a glass house.

I’m not pro ASHI or pro NAHI, but you’re anti-ASHI for sure. Next time you talk about education and mistakes, just reflect back on this moment and think twice before you condemn someone or crucify another organization.


Like I said … Why are you afraid to use your real name? “:|.)Captain Beefheart:|.)” is soooo 4th Grade!

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After re-reading all the posts, I must admit, I am wrong. I do truly apologize for my mistake.

Please accept my sincere apology for giving you the credit for admitting your mistake! Obviously I thought you were more of a man then you really are.

Frank, your ego is writing checks your knowledge can’t cash!

Read the original question, then read your answer. Your answer clearly refers back to all the code sections that state it must be elevated. Now, you’re making things up as you go.

The link to Barry’s post does not state anything about the heater not being required to be elevated. I challenge you to show me in Barry’s post where it states it’s not required to be raised!

As far as ASHI goes, buddy, you brought that up in your 1st post to me. Re-read it!

I know any good defense is a strong offense; but you’re going overboard.

I’m trying to help others understand what’s right and what’s wrong, and maybe bring you down a notch. If you fall off that pedestal you put yourself on, you might break a leg.
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Is this how you treat you clients?

Give them BAD information then bamboozle them with bull**** so they can’t see your incompetence.


Direct from the GAMA doc I posted. Use at your own discretion and always follow the supplied instructions when installing fuel fired appliances.

If my water heater is FVIR, do I still need to worry about flammable vapors?* YES. Flammable vapors are very dangerous and can be ignited from any number of sources. For this reason, you should never store or use any flammable liquids or combustible materials near a gas-fired appliance. Flammable liquids should only be stored in approved containers, and should kept far from gas appliances and away from children’s reach. Follow all safety precautions on the product label when using flammable liquids.*

I interpret flammable vapors as vehicle(s) parked in a garage with gas in the tank.
and still advise “safety enhancement upgrade to at least 18"elevation” ymmv

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You can advise anyone anything you want. However, if an FVIR is installed on the floor of a garage, it doesn;t have to be raised.

So basically, you’re advising your client to get into a fight they can’t win.


Well said and too the point!

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Who said anything about fighting? :twisted:

They gently and peacefully pay a plumber to elevate their equipment to help assure their family and property’s safety. It’s a Zen thing! :mrgreen: