Gas water heater help

Gas water heaters that do not need to be on a stand…
Do they now make any?
Had 2 brand new ones sitting on the garage floor.
Feedback please

Thanks for the confusion Wayne.

Must be 18 inches off the floor Sean.
I will double check my info if not answered again.

If the burner is sealed then it can be used without a stand. Generally if they wer made after 2008 they are explosion proof.

Water heaters should be elevated above the floor by at least 18 inches. A pilot light may ignite spilled fluid or floor-level flammable fumes if the water heater is placed at floor level.

In 2003 they started making FVIR (Flame Vapor Ignition Resistant) water heaters that do not need 18" elevation in garages. They have an enclosed front with a small viewing window.

fvir front.JPG

Our county code handouts say it must be. Had 2 brand new today on the floor. Both were fvir’s… They would not have been able to install the draft pipes if they were on stands.

An explosion proof gas-tired water heater is comprised of a housing having a water reservoir provided with a sealed combustion chamber thereunder. A flue pipe is disposed above the combustion chamber and extends through the reservoir. A gas burner and pilot are provided in the combustion chamber. At least one air supply channel is provided to supply fresh air to the combustion chamber. The air supply channel has an intake disposed a predetermined height above the floor to prevent combustible vapors from entering the combustion chamber. Vapor detectors and/or pressure sensors may be provided as added features to detect the presence of combustible vapors as well as the production of harmful carbon monoxide in the combustion chamber and to actuate the gas supply cut-off valve.

Explosion Proof Gas Water Heater

Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) Gas Water Heaters – All 30, 40 and 50-gallon standard-vent and 40 and 50 gallon Power Vent gas water heaters are now C3 Technology™ gas water heaters. They are equipped with an advanced system designed to help prevent the accidental ignition of flammable vapors from gasoline and other sources outside the water heater. C3 Technology water heaters meet standards for “Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance” established by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute. Learn more about the FVIR Standards.:slight_smile:

Take this training on water heaters and FVIR’s to tone up on newer water heater technology. Water heater training

In 2008 FVIR’s were mandated in Canada.

So now that we all know that they exist, will they be recognized when we see one, is the next question.:wink:

OK missed the new part ,but good thread to discuss.

I see them all the time. I am not a fan as they are impossable to inspect.

It depends on your local code (I know, I know, TN ain’t got no codes).

There are some jurisdictions that leave it up to the manufacturer. Their code will usually state something to the effect of “Ignition sources capable of igniting flammable vapors must be elevated off of the garage floor…” In which case, the FVIR water heater can be placed at floor level.

Other codes will say something like “The heating element or burner chamber of appliances located in a garage must be elevated to a minimum height of 18 inches off the garage floor…” In which case, all appliances must be elevated.

Most current codes allow for the FVIR water heater to be placed at floor level.

Sean has stated here in Knox county has to off the floor. I write them up also, Knew some areas do not require it . no one here has complained yet

According to our 2006 current county code requriements they must be 18 inches off the floor. It does not specify SO I guess county codes trumps.

I see fvir’s all the time.

What I have never seen in newer construction is them sitting of the floor.

While you are all here … State Stove and Mfg Co. water heaters (which preceded State Industries) used a 4 digit serial number. Anyone know how to decipher it?

Ran into one the other day. I had to research it but found out that the first letter was the month and the second and third number wwas the year. mine was B785. Febuary 1978

It’s Tennessee. Does it matter if they are dirt floors in the gayraj…?:wink:

Or in a detached barn?

No letters. Just 4 numbers. 5974