Flashing around windows

Would you say these windows were missing the J channel around the windows?


These windows have factory installed “J” channel on them. Its actually quite convenient to install. Nothing wrong.

What is important is knowing how they flashed the windows. Most installers simply caulk and use a roofing gun to nail them in place. There is a certain way to flash or seal all windows…failing to do so even around these vinyl windows will cause problems later on.

The Journal for Light Construction has an outstanding publication:
The JLC Guide to Moisture Control

This illustrates every kind of moisture control issue you are likely to see or run across during construction and renovations, remodeling. The book is very nicely done, not real expensive and slammed full of good photos and info. It is cheaper if you look around on Amazon rather than buying from JLC.

But I can see the WET sheathing at the edge of the windows and some of the windows have J channels that you can see. I deferred this to a qualified siding contractor.


Michael, how can a person tell by looking at that window that there is a J channel built in. What am I not seeing?

Linda, this is a picture of a window with an integrated J-channel:


But, Jeffery is right. It depends on how the installers flashed the windows that is important.

The flashing cannot be seen in the first post pictures but Buck saying he can see wet sheathing isn’t a good sign.

I see these windows quite a bit here. It looks fine to me.

If it’s not flashed correctly (which is not visible), it’s not my problem.

Good choice.

Sheathing (which is probably OSB) is not made to be wet and will turn into vertical mulch if allowed to be that way repeatedly.