Retrofit Windows

Dose this installation look like it was correctly done any window pros out there never seen windows installed over lap siding like this looks bad large gaps visible.

window 2.jpg

window 2.jpg

window 4.jpg

window 3.jpg

Window 1.jpg

What are the manufacturer’s requirements for installing these windows? The windows should have a sticker in the track somewhere that identifies the manufacturer and model with which you can research their installation requirements.

Looks like what is called self-flashing window which are installed in a bead of caulk and fastened.

Alberts has some great tutorials for most opening flashing and installations: Window Flashing, Window Leaks and Window Leak Repair,How-to Pictures

Note: He only uses the duct tape for ease in removal to mock up another window or door flashing tutorial.

Scroll to the bottom were he has done some real live installs and loo around his site where he does water tests on the flashing that he installs, too.

Good info on his site. :slight_smile:

Looks like an integrated j channel window to me.

Yes that one is…:slight_smile: