Flashing Detail

Anyone have any images or illustrations that show the right way this flashing/counter flashing should be installed?

Awesome Joe, thanks. And why didn’t I think of that!?

I was going to do the same only from the CD illustrated graphics library.

Under each shingle goes a sizer or flashing ( step flashing) 7 or 8 inches long and the height and width depends on certain factors.

Then the counter flashing that is placed over the top of the step flashing.

The step flashing are only fastened to one plain remember.
Chimney or the roof deck.
The step flashing is to allow the deck to move independently of the vertical walled plane structure or element, chimney in the case.
The counter flashing goes on top of the vertical w step flashing or element, chimney.
They are separated flashing and fastened on apposing sides.
On the chimney the other to the roofing deck.
There are many ways toflash a chimney.
Hope that helps.
That is a big question considering there are many ways to flash a chimney or vertical wall plane.

Sorry for the edits. New friggen glasses.