Flashing / Sealing Deck Entrance to Home

How can one tell if this is properly flashed when the exterior is covered with brick

I would also add its not caulked in some areas as well.

Your thoughts please.

  • Mike

Is this a covered porch?

You can’t, Mike.

Was the porch sloping away from the house?

Could you get under the porch to see things?

If no to those questions, then say that those areas were not inspected and no information is known about them because they were inacessible.

Yes it is.

I would say the porch was sloped but I did not put a level on it.
Could not get under the porch (brick cover).

I just saw the first picture before I posted.

But,“In the small area, approx. one foot, there was no flashing visible and I was unable to determine whether there was flashing elsewhere. Also, the under porch was NOT INSPECTED and nothing is known about that area because there was no access to it.”

Make sure that you include the pictures.

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Will do. Thank you Larry.

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