Roof Flashing

Am I correct in beliving that the roof where it meets the brick should be flashed in this picture?



Hi Peter,

the quick answer is yes/probably, it should have a “kick-out” flashing, is this a full brick veneer or a “stick-on” it looks like the former



Its a stick on. This is a new build. Anyone else? Getting ready to finish the report and want a few more responses before I call it out to the builder.

If the home was in Phoenix, but it is not, flashing would not be required there.

i’d report, “small section of roof should have kick-out flashing to prevent wash up of debris and cause water damage”

I believe the water mark below the window will answer that question. Good building practice to have flashing and kickout

I’d start with gutters and downspouts…

Adam, A Plus

Up here in MN its a good idea to use flashings in that area. It will pass in the summer but when it snows and you get ice dams…at night when things are quiet you will hear dripping. Of course proper insulation to achieve a cold roof helps. ‘there’s never time to do it right, but always time to do it over’

Hi Peter,

with it being a stick on veneer the use of proper flashings is critical.



If they skipped the flashing detail! What did they do to the moisture barrier?

What it really needs is gutters. Yes, it should have flashing, but you’ll almost never see it installed in that situation. Slotting brick for counter-flashing VS NOT doing that = the least of his problems.
If the darkness below the window is from moisture, where’s the dark trail from the roof edge?

I agree with the above. There was no oversight on the job or the crew just got lazy. Whatever it is its wrong and should be repaired.

Louis Agudo

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Anything short of a kick out being installed is a bandaid and will over time fail!
And IMO it is the roofers fault it was not in place. Then the builder,then the lick and stick brick installer! Where was code inforcement?
And if the kickouts are not code can anybody tell me how to help get it that way?

Carl, in Phoenix they make their own codes and change existing on a daily basis.

I have never seen flashing in the area pictured above unless it was done in the old days when craftsman used to exist.

They still exist! Now they are called x-perts!
**I think the code thing is a nation wide problem!!:roll: **
**Not that I am that old but for a long time we were putting them on and the builders/homeowners said they didn’t like the way they could see them above the gutters to stop!!! Now it seems the kickouts are one of the biggest issues for leak prevention!:smiley: **

Yes, I agree…but these new city inspectors are fresh out of school…:shock:

Does that make the new guys PERTS?
Could it be the codes are written in black and white and there is no GREY MATTER!!!

Should be flashed with a flashing shingle…(bent into an “L”…under each shingle and up the wall) then the brick should be slotted to accept counter flashing to go over the piece going up the wall.And as already mentioned kick out flashing.

make any sense?

No counter flashing with faux brick or stone!