Flashing verbage

I am looking for some verbage about these flashings…thanks

Flashing around the plumbing vents are damaged. Major Concern. Recommend repair/replacement.

Are they even installed correctly?

“The commode plunger on the roof is probably leaking.”

Well the house was built in 1950 and had a nice remodel done on it and we have had some desent rain but there was no evidence of leaking

It looks like snow and ice have been pushing against the boots, you are in MO so I suspect you do have these conditions from time to time. I can’t tell from the pictures but this is a common problem in the north where many builders, architects, engineers, plumbers don’t understand the fact that stacks must be installed close to the ridge or through an end wall when a metal roof is applied.

If this isn’t the case in your area, it is an important factor for those in the land of snow and ice. I’ve seen many various types of stacks ripped off and damaged including a damaged smoke stack caused burn marks in attic space in a municipal garage which has been corrected. Be very aware of this situation.

“Flashing has seen its better days…” :slight_smile:

Perhaps they should have used this…http://www.amsisupply.com/pipe%20flashing%20boots%20dektite%20hi%20temp.php

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“The commode plunger on the roof is probably leaking.”/quote
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Vent flashing on the metal roof appeared to be of an improper type.
This condition may result in damage to home materials from roof leakage.
The inspector recommends correction by a qualified roofing contractor.

Thanks guys