roof/vent flashing

The handyman the sellers hired to check out this vent says its “to code” He states he is a former roofer and its fine. (I called for a licensed roofing company to eval the vent and fix a few broken tile) The handyman gave a verbal ok.

I got the ‘call’ and told the realtor to have a licensed roofer check it out and give a written evaluation, of course the buyers dont want to pay for it.


Thank you.



Yes, it’s messed up.

You made the call now it’s up to them.

The handyman is god. I mean it’s “to code”, he is a former roofer and by golly he gave his verbal okay. :roll:

You done good. :wink:

i’m not sure how to fix it, but i know THAT’S wrong.

I can’t tell if they are trying to install flashig or if they are trying to cap the whatever-it-is.

I’m leaning towards the latter.
No, the former.
No, the latter.
No, the former.
Gosh darn. Now I’m just leaning. Darn margaritas.

It’s ulgy, but probably won’t leak. Looks like painted lead boot on a 2 inch plumbing pipe. A quick fix would be to lift up the edges, apply a vertical bead of caulk to both sides and mold it back down to sandwich the caulk in betweenthe lead and tiles. Then check the top edge where it curls over the pipe to make sure there are now holes in it. We have a big problem here in Georgia with squirrels chewing holes in them. I’ll try to send a pic., but it is my first time on the site, so I’ll see how hard it is.

I’ll see your “probably wont leak” and Raise you two “probably will leak”

Cheryl, same principle here with a larger vent, but the right way.

Disregard the falling tile.

Tile flashing.jpg

I see proper roof vent flashing all the time, as well as not so proper flashing. I knew this was a questionable installation. I have no idea why I allow these people (realtors, sellers, handymen…) to make me second guess myself, when I know I am right!!

It was one of many that day, so a little support here was appreciated.

As a quick update, it seems the entire subdivision may be in the same situation with the vents. The sellers are going after the builder.

That does not surprise me…:smiley: