Flat roof, RTW connection

" it is a very small flat roof on the back of the house. Every other Inspection Company would be able to complete the inspection."
This is what an insurance agency sent to me regarding an inspection one of my inspectors did. 1997 house with Single wraps on main portion of roof. There is a flat section at the rear of the home attached to the main roof. Obviously not able to see roof to wall without a soffit drop to expose the RTW. So the inspector stated unknown for the roof to wall.

Please explain to me what exactly are other inspection companies doing. Are other companies going with what they can see and just hope that the flat roof is the same?? Are they marking unknown and requesting the soffit to be dropped? Are other inspectors removing the soffit themselves and hoping that no damage happens to soffit when doing so??

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I don’t understand. There is no roof to wall junction where the sloped roof meets the flat roof?

Not what the OP is referring to.

The Wind Mitigation form is chasing the RTW details, and the flat roof has no attic to gain access to this structural connection without removing something (soffit, vent covers, etc.)

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Standard practice for insurance inspectors is to report on what’s visible. This is from the Florida building code, “ 706.8.1.2Partially inaccessible straps.

Where part of a strap is inaccessible, if the portion of the strap that is observed is fastened in compliance with these requirements, the inaccessible portion of the strap shall be presumed to comply with these requirements.

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