Roof-to-wall Connection?

Please help to identify the roof-to-wall connection? I attached a picture. I did not see clips, or wraps! Metal rafter/truss seems to be bonded in concrete. Thanks for your help and time.

Not Concrete, Stucco coming up through the Hi-Rib Wire Lath. Looks like a Older home to me I am guessing real old. Likely toenail as I did not see any roof to wall connection in the photo. Did you look in other areas? What year was home built. Update your info so we have an idea of where you and the house is also.

That photo does not show the RTW connection. I’m sure there is one, but that is not it. And yes, that is stucco on the outside band.

The home was build in Fort Lauderdale Florida in unincorporated Broward. The home was build in 2002. It was very difficult gather roof-to-wall connections. The picture above is the best I have.

If built in 2002 in the HVHZ, then there is a really good chance it would at least qualify for clip, even without a definitive photo. Just note that for the underwriter and select clip.

It should BUT the form requires pictures and the underwriters can be real jerks OFTEN but it is worth a try.

This is an example of a R to W connection.

Mark unknown. That’s what its there for. Don’t assume anything because it could be insurance fraud. There a West Palm Beach insurance agent doing 4 years in prison for changing the wind mit form.

Marking clip with explanation is not even close to insurance fraud if you know it’s there, but just can’t show it. Insurance fraud is willfully verifying a credit when you know it does not qualify. This is a SFBC or possibly FBC home with an approved metal roof structure…it will have an approved RTW connection.

Good, too bad it is not the guy who used the InterNACHI Inspector who was doing them and signing my name and info before home inspectors could do them.

I had all the proof in the world and NO ONE CARED.

Not the O.I.R.
Not Internachi.
Not the Insurance Company.

Just make that sale…:roll:

Brad not trying to bust balls but How DO YOU KNOW? We all know it should be there at a minimum but her that I assume is why they have a VERIFICATION Form :slight_smile:

For a FBC home, I don’t even go in the attic. How’s that?

“It’s too hot up there”. :lol:

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According to the writing on the form you do? I understand your logic BUT we are supposed to VERIFY that it is actually so and not just because it got a final CO under the FBC.

Why would they have us do it if that was the case. Because things are NOT ALWAYS DONE as they SHOULD BE.

Cant tell by ur pic, send me out ill show you

I’m not going to attempt to explain this to you. Go ask your buddy RS about it.

I do not know what that buddy is but I do have lots of Pals.

I know, I know you “MAKE” things work, like perimeters and such :slight_smile:

Here ya go, Dave: :smiley:

Thanks Larry!