Flat Roof / Rubber Roof

I have several questions that I hope can be answered. I’ve been in the house 10 years. It is a one story single family and it has a flat roof (don’t know when the existing roof was put on). The house is over 100 years old and don’t have leaks but have a problem where the gutter is at the back end of the house due to snow buildup.

If I want to replace the existing roof with a rubber roof - does the old roofing have to come off or can the rubber roof go on top of it? What kind of rubber roof should be put on there and does an aluminum coating go on top of the new rubber roof? I’m so confused!!! Help!!!

Susan you may wish to call a InterNachi inspector in your area to come out and take a look at the roof to see if a new one is needed.
Answering your question rubber roof or EPDM roof (AKA) is concidered to be a longer lasting roof with inherient UV resistent quality.
A modified bitumen roof is your other option if needed.These often have a silver coat painted on to reflect the UV rays which deteriorate roofs at a faster rate than if un-coated.
Just as impoirtant as the roof is the flashing which often goes before the roof does.Whether or not you need a tearoff can only be determined by the roofer, so why not give a few a call and have them come out to take a look.
Ask your neighbors who they have used and how they liked the work.
Quality of workmanship varies greatly amoug these guys and you often get what you pay for.

I would contact at least 2 or 3 different roofers in your area nad get price quotes and a description of work that they think needs to be done. Depending upon what the covering is now you may or may not be able to go over the top of it. Roberts reply was very good, and you should take all of this into consideration before deciding upon a roofer. Also if you are having problems with the snow or ice building up mention this to the roofer when they come out. With the weather changing right now it might now be evident by the time he gets out there to look at your situation. If you can get some pictures taken also.

I would agree with the previous posters that you might want to talk to several qualified roofing contractors from your area before deciding what approach is best for you.

Here in my area, where a large percentage of roofs are flat, almost all flat roofs and a large percentage of pitched roofs are being replaced with metal roofing. Might be another option to consider before making your choice.

– bz