Flat roof material

I am trying to figure out the material on this flat roof. It was added to the house in 2002 and the permit said it was a comp. roof includes row.
The home owner also told me he had a leak a few months back in the patio area with the flat roof and he patched it him self, I did not see any leaks, and being that the roof is already 12-13 years old and looked a little ruff, what should I put as a note for the roof cert. It could last another 5 years I guess with patching work here and there when needed, not sure how I should go about this.





If you’re referring to the martial on the seams, it’s a standard “Peal & Seal”.

No the actual flat roof itself, I am not sure what to call it for a material.

Hard to tell without being there, but could it be Butyl Rubber Roofing?

Looks like modified bitumen with patches .

I’m still thinking rubber as per our conversation but it looks like it may have been painted as well. I find it hard to believe they actually got permits and it looks like that. Odd. Good Luck.

EPDM usually is thicker looking.

Just curious what other are putting down for remaining life on a roof like that and when you see a few shingles being damaged or curling like 5-6 shingles on the roof but overall looks decent.

10-15 in Florida

Unusual flat roof looks like it might have been repaired with roofing cement . This can be destroyed by the sun .
Please have it serviced by a roofing specialist immediate on closing .
Shingles have some curling with immediate and continuing maintenance could last up too 4+or - years .

This CYA if the do nothing or did not check it .


Just curious as i do not know but what kind of maintenance can you do to help extend the life of shingles at that point?

For the record in this hellhole 4+ or - means clent is screwed but I write it up as I see it as well and DO NOT take what the insurance company will do into consideration to some extent. I cover my a s s.

You need to better identify the structure of what you are inspecting. The seams suggest a panelized aluminum roof, with the seams covered with peel and stick tape.

Typically, a traditional flat roof like that will be covered with a modified bitumen (torch-down) membrane. This roof has since been coated with a sealant or roof coating.

What did the underside of the roof look like?


That’s what it looks like to me too…Aluminum insulated Elite panels.

Have some one inspect the roof are there any broken / missing shingles that need repair or caulking…
In Canada I try to make sure shingles , Vents & crickets have not suffered any damage over the winter.

Looks like it could be galvanized panels which have been painted with some type of roofing cement or sealer, I see similar looking stuff when inspecting mobile home roofs.

Really - Three tab shingles in Florida have a life expectancy of 10-12 years?

I reality some deteriorate faster than others. If out in the full sun 3 tab many make it to 12.

3 tab shingles in Florida are shot in 13-16 years. They just cook on the roofs. Dimensional last longer and is always worth the extra few hundred to use them.

Looks like there is some disparity on this board about the live of 3 tab shingles. 10 to 16 years is a wide spread. Where is everyone coming up with these numbers. I live in South Florida. My original 3 tab shingles were not replaced for 22 years. I am in full sun. Granted they probably should have been replaced after a 18 years, but I only had one leak and was able to stretch it out a few more years. Those of you that are using 10 years are short changing your customers.

Looks like a felt and asphalt roof with some sort of bitumen based coating. In the second picture you can see vertical lines which would be the felt overlaps. The seams look like modbit flashing with aluminum facing. The repair he referred to must be the sealant around all the edges.