Shingles or No shingles?

Hi Team,

I came across this part of the roof that does not have shingles on it. I am a new grad and this is only my second inspection so just wanted to get all of your expertise on how you would write something like this up?
I appreciate any input!

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Alfonso, it appears to have some type of roof covering. Maybe rolled roofing or other such covering. It is hard to tell from N. MI.


Have to agree with Larry. It looks like a bituminous membrane which may be sufficient. Not sure why, for aesthetic reasons, they didn’t shingle the overhang also.

As far as stating it, something in the nature of;

" Observed that roofing material used on the porch roof overhang appears to be of a membrane material that may be used as adequate water proofing if applied and installed correctly. Would recommend a licensed roofing contractor for further evaluation of the type of material used and proper installation."


Yup looks like rolled roofing. It’s cheaper than shingles usually and generally has a 5-10 year lifespan give or take.

Alfonso, did you analyze the roofing to see what type of material it was? It looks like a rubber membrane from what I can see from the pic, the oxidizing on the roofing has the characteristics of rubber roofing.


Please tell me you put a ladder up to the eave (at least) to see and touch the material. Also you can photograph it while you’re up there.


Ok sounds good, thanks for the input Thomas!

Ok thanks Larry! Yeah it’s a rolled roofing covering. I guess just a less expensive roofing than shingles.

Ok good to know, thanks Brandon!

Thanks Scott, yeah it’s a rubber membrane. I guess just a cheaper option than traditional shingles.

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Thanks Dominic, yes ofcourse I did.

Hey Alfonso,
When you see something like this, two different roof materials, it’s a good idea to look around at the other houses on the street. Just guessing, but I’ll bet that roof over the porch was added later or had been replaced and not by a quality contractor. The rolled roofing is probably fine, what I’d be concerned about is how well it is flashed.


Hi John,
Thanks for the information, very helpful. Yeah you are correct, that part of the roof was not flashed properly.
Appreciate it!

The way i see it is that the home owner didn’t want to spend the money to use roof shingles in that shad roof area . not sure why because it is the front of the house and would have looked a lot better . There is no other reason that i can think of because the slope of the roof is enough to use standard roof shingles .