Flex duct used for exhasut flue.

Never seen flex duct used as a flue. Strait runs of ductwork were type b.
Flex duct ? rated?



Looks like flexible B-vent to me. . .

The label on the flex will indicate it’s type, but this looks okay to me.

Never seen flex before used at this application. The flex had no label. Does anybody have links to manufacturer site or technical info?
Thanks Jeffrey for the reply.



Try this one.


Hope this helps.

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Is this product related to what is used for chimney liners sometimes. Thanks for the product literature.


Different design.

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It’s labeled at its connector, near the furnace. . .

Thanks everyone, good info.

I ran into this the other day and got on here to check on it. I’d not seen this used before. Good information. Thanks everyone. :wink:

Obviously, you knew before we found out what it was, didn’t you?
You wise cat. ha. ha. :wink:

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I see this stuff all of the time. . .

But it shouldn’t be confused with this garbage. . .