Flex pipe for Flue

Is this pipe ok for a Flue pipe?

HPIM5986 (Small).JPG

HPIM5986 (Small).JPG

It looks like flexible B-vent to me, which is fine. Becoming more and more common.

Thanks Jeff,

It did state that where connection were made

But the duct tape hanging from wye on the back side is not.

Looks like it could use better support and the TPR discharge looks like it has been reduced from 3/4 inch to 1/2 inch not allowed in my area same size to with in 6 inches of floor .
Also If that is electric feed it too needs protection and support.

Is the jack post fastened to the over head beam
… Cookie

Along with the pvc plug that was used when the gas wh heater was replaced with an electric wh

We don’t use flex pipe here for a flu so I am not familiar with it what I don’t like in your pic is the connection of the flex into the ridged goes against the flow. Flex should be inside the rigid and it goes with out saying about the duct tape.

My question would be what is that other flex line that appears to connect to the vertical vent in the joist space and what is the duct on the back side?

This is a picture of a B-vent and the ends look different.



Maybe just me, but something just dose not look right. I also see a couple of other things, but is not part of the question. :slight_smile:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

There is a bottle neck with the reduction of the flex at the elbows into the wye. I believe you cannot have a reduction only from smaller to larger and not large to small as evidenced.


Marcel my guess would be a dryer vent for the other flex nothing surprises me any more.

The other larger ridgid duct in the pic would be the combustion air from the attic. Sorry wrong pic I was looking at another pic and Thought it was this one.