Flex furnace vent connector

currently finishing report and have to ask. I do not believe this flex pipe is adequate for vent connector from the mid eff furnace…aside from the fact that it is poorly fastened and probably spewing CO into the house. Soon as I say with authority ‘there cant be a dang flex pipe connector’ some body comes along and proclaims 'oh shoot yeah, they make a special flex pipe for difficult vent connections…you didn’t know that?? so I inquire earnestly.

mike in MN

Mike if I am not mistaken and I could be, think I read somewhere that they do make a flex CO rated flue pipe so don’t hold my feet to the fire. Did it have a sticker on the one you were looking at

They do but I don’t think its listed for connection to a chimney

could be chimney liner, but as far as I know it has to be inside the chimney http://www.rockfordchimneysupply.com/chimney-liner-kit.php(

The pic looks like ordinary aluminum flex used for dryers, which would be wrong (vent pipe is not an approved type)

well shiver me timbers…there is a flex connector pipe. dang me…just assuming this cant be right, I never looked for any sticker. well there you go, guess I have to admit again that I don’t know it all.
thanks for t he great input!!
mike in MN

That is the first step to learning is to admit ya don’t know it all;-)

hey Charlie, I said that tongue in cheek. far as im concerned ‘there will always be another thing I do not know’ …I love this forum, what a great resource. I vastly appreciate the input I get from my good buddies here. admitting that I don’t know is easy for me, just call me grasshopper
mike in MN