Flir B-200 for Sale

This camera is in great condition. Two years old with 325 pictures taken on it.
Reason for selling - Finally able to RETIRE!
This has been a great camera for me and will be for the new owner.
It was Flir factory serviced and calibrated last fall.

B-200 Flir IR camera
High Temp Option (up to 1200 Deg C. (2192 Deg F.)
. . . For Commercial/Industrial applications
1gb memory card
Battery Charger with cable
4 Batteries (2 extra - normally only 2)
Sun shield
USB Cable (image transfer to computer)
Manual (PDF)
Flir Quick Report Software
Hard Case

Extra Included:
EXTECH Mini Thermo-Anemometer (4515)
EXTECH Pinless Moisture Meter (M0280)

My Thermal Inspection Web Site
can be converted to your web address
plus web site assistance to convert to
your info.

Word Perfect business card and brochure
templates I have successfully used. (Print your own)

Original Costs:
Camera: 12,830.63 Tools: . . . 247.94
Web: . . .$ 5,412.62
Total. … $18,491.19

Asking: $ 9,950.00 O.B.O

Spec Sheet for Flir B200 Camera

Side Note: The best course I have taken for “IR Building Dynamics” was with John McKenna and the “Infrared Certification Program”

You are retiring and just decided to become a member of I-Nachi?

Something smells fishy?

We have other retired or semi-retired members. There are “thousands” of members who have never posted one word on this board, probably never will. Might just be why he can retire…he didn’t spend all his time putzing around on bulletin boards. I only work 3-4 days a week, I know of some others.

I have been a member since 2006 with NACHI. With 2 years using thermal imaging. (Stopped for a couple of months then re-enlisted. Thought I was able to retire sooner) Nothing fishy about that. At 62 years old I can now RETIRE officially.