FLIR's New Camera... Coming Soon.

I just got word from a friend that FLIR has a new IR camera coming
out in mid Sept. that will be a significant upgrade to the BCAM SD.
It is “suppose” to be the same price as the BCAM SD, but much better.

Don’t buy an IR camera yet. Check it out.

This is all I know. I let you know if I hear more.:wink:

Well that didn’t make me feel any better as my camera arrived 5 days ago. I wish someone at Flir had mentioned this to me.

I will be purchasing one in October (hopefully) i will keep my eyes open. If someone hears of this, will you post it?

I’m saving for this one…

I’m almost ready, then I will sell my T400.


You junkie…:mrgreen: Have fun…!

It sure is addictive…

It will be cool to see what they come up with (FLIR). If I was just starting out I would wait too. However, I think the B200 is an awsome camera that can be upgraded without selling.


Im looking at the FLIR T400 For next year. Looks like we need to get a new camera every 6 months to keep up with the tech of the day.

**Kevin do you like your camera or will you up date sometime soon? **

And if so to what ?



If I were to upgrade, the T-400 would be my choice also. It’s one awesome camera with all the bells and whistles.

Right now, my B-2 does what I need it to do.

I’ll probably be upgrading, from my B400 with high temperature option (which is really a T400) too. The P660 will get a closer look as the time rolls around. Thanks for the link, Kevin.


How do you like the B400. I’m thinking of the B200 with a temperature upgrade as I become more experienced and do different types of inspections. This way you still can do high temperatures with the benefit of the better thermal sensitivity that the B200 offers.


Very smart decision!! The B200 is “Upgradeable” and you get the benefit of having a built-in visual camera. If you can afford it, go for this camera over the standard BCAM SD.


It is outstanding compared to some cameras and less than adequate when looking at the $50,000+ models.

Kevin is right in that you can upgrade many features of the B200 but use caution because those add on features later are costly. I considered the best camera that I could afford and am not disappointed. It is paying for itself.

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Larry and Kevin,

Thank you for the feedback. I have also looked at the ICI Toughcam P. Its an interesting camera with lots of features typically found on more expensive cameras and a great thermal sensitivity of .06. I would choose it over the Flir Bcam sd, but not necessarily the B200.

Here is a link. Tell me what you think.

I have not heard anything about that camera.

There are many options when selecting a camera. Here is a good guide published by the Infraspection Institute:

You might want to look into this camera as well:

To my knowledge, it is the least expensive 640x480 camera on the market.



I looked at the Electrophysics/Testo 880-3. Its a nice camera. It has a visual camera, but does not do fusion aboard the camera or in the software. It only has a .1 thermal sensitivity. For building inspections I prefer a better sensitivity. I’ll check out the Hotshot. Thanks for the info.