Flir E6 thermal camera

Flir E6 thermal camera with case, extra battery, and charger. The only issue is with the charger. The bottom of it broke off and I glued it back together. Charger works fine. Camera works perfectly.
240x180 resolution. Slight scuffs on camera from use.
$940.00 shipped.

The E6 has 160x120 resolution. Is this a hacked camera?

I think it is 240 x 180, Martin:

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I guess there are different E6 models out there. Maybe it’s the E6-XT not just a E6. The E6-XT is 240x180.

its not the XT at the photo clearly show just E6 printed on the camera

From link next to imager:

Infrared Camera with Extended Temperature Range


Model: FLIR E6-XT WiFi

Larry is there somewhere you see tho OP is selling a E6-XT and not a E6? The resolution is very different between these two models.

Sorry, just places online, Martin.

PM him and ask about it, eh?

Would the resolution on the E6-XT make a difference since it seems to be the general consensus that one should buy a camera with 320x240 resolution?

I’m asking because I am looking to replace a dying C2. Trying to decide whether the E6-XT is worth buying or is the E8 necessary as a starting point? Or do I just replace this one with a C5 or One Pro and buy a better camera for more specific work after getting a level 1 cert.

With OPs price point just a couple hundred above the C5, would be a consideration depending on which model it is. Would it be a better option is the question? I like the small cameras for crawlspaces and attics, easier to carry than the larger models.

Hello Brent, FLIR techs suggest a minimum resolution of 320x240 is good for home inspectors, that being said lower res IR images can be enhanced with the FLIR software to show anomalies stronger in a IR image. From my under standing the higher the res the further distance you can be from your target zone, to to display anomalies clearly. eg use a C1 and you have to be fairly close to a surface to pick up the anomaly, an E5 will show the same anomaly six feet away, an E8 20 feet away. Spend the money and buy the higher res camera, especially if your goal is commercial property inspections.