Flir Questions

I am looking to purchase an IR camera as I already went through John’s class and have been looking around for a month or so now. I have a couple of options right now and only $600 apart in price between the 2 right now.

I am going between a Flir E6 and a E8-B. The question is will I miss the temperature range on the E8-B? That seems to be the only big difference over the IR resolution.

So for an extra $600 would it be a good choice to step up to the E8-B for the higher resolution with lower temp range?

I will just be starting to add this on to my normal inspections until I become more comfortable with using IR.

Thanks in advance!

As you are in NH, temperature is a major consideration, as winter will be one of your best times of year to use IR. Also, always purchase the best equipment you can afford, whether IR or ladders. If utilized properly, you will never regret having “too much”! :wink:

P.S. What did your teacher have to say about your two choices? You did ask his opinion, right?

These are the best 2 in my price range and am trying to figure out which on is the better option. Winter will be great to try this out so the temps I will be seeing are a much lower than the high end of the range I will be missing with the E8-B. I am asking for anyone with knowledge if the better resolution is worth the loss in temp range? I honestly to not see a huge difference in the sample resolution pictures I have seen.

I agree to purchase the best you can afford and am looking to do that with this guestion.

Temp range is secondary to resolution and sensitivity. Most of what you will be doing in a home inspection will fall under 300 degrees anyway. Pick the higher resolution E8.

The e8-b looks nice for home inspectors…
but see my post further down. Beware.

I wouldn’t want to have to work with a 9Hz imager. I’d go for the Exx series.

Definatly higher resolution.

When a product is labeled as “B”

The buyer is buying a rejected product by the manufacturer.


Now, what makes you say that John…not true. It’s a new model that has a slightly limited temperature range, max 300 degrees instead of 480 degrees.

What can you say about the C2? Is it good for wiring troubleshooting outdoors or probably there are better options for lower price? Found a good deal on the C2 so just wonder if I shall buy it

The E8-B cameras have a lower temperature range (302F vs 482F) and an accuracy of 5% vs 2% of the non-B versions. Depending on the application, they may or may not be acceptable.

They didn’t meet the calibration and accuracy standards of the standard products. So yes, they were “rejected” from that standpoint. However, for many applications, that standard isn’t needed. This is why they are marked as “B”.

Some dealers will sell them, some will not. Just letting you know. I have confirmed this with two sales reps.

The C2 is not intended for professional use of a home inspector. FLIR says this, not just me.

See this link for things to look for when buying an IR camera.

Thanks for the replies and I have actually just bought an E6 today for a great price directly from Flir as I only live 15 minutes away from one of their corporate offices.

I am going to have fun learning to uses this as I have already taken John’s course but hands on is the best for me!

I thought John gets the best deals . whats up with that ]?

He found a camera that was sent back, but had not been opened. It was a really good deal on a rare find.

John did provide me with the best deal I could find before I started pestering the Flir Corporate office down the road from me! Let’s just say I apologized to the sales manager for asking so many questions and going straight through the company! They do not really have a retail setup there either. On larger purchases I love the hunt of getting the best deal possible and remember it never hurts to ask!

Thanks again John as his price was very good to start with!

Your a good shopper.

I have an E6. Chuck is correct, the re-fresh rate can be a hassle.

Mr. McKenna, can you recommend a spectrum of acceptable Inspection units (with different price ranges). I believe this will be an extremely valuable input from an expert that will help lots of people here. Thank you.

Always buy an IR camera with full warranty, 120x120 resolution,
no more than 100mk sensitivity and good optics. This is the
RESNET standard.

I do not sell cameras, but find good deals for my students. Our
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Some of our most popular discounted IR cameras are…

FLUKE TiS = discontinued, but still available. No extra features.
FLIR e6 = <<< most popular, nice features, better sensitivity.
FLIR e8 = extra resolution, nice features and still a good price.

All these come with some freebies. I cannot quote discounted
prices on a public forum. Contact me for more details…


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