Flir E6ext, E8ext or just wait?

New Inspector, own a Flir C5. Want to offer IR as a free service to get my biz going…Have taken multiple on line IR trainings and wondering if going with the the E6 ext would just be a disappointment later and should I bite the bullet and do the e8 ext? I don’t plan to do more than residential and light commercial inspections. Any advice?

I would go with the most that I could afford. You never know what may pop up and if you have, or can get the training soon enough, you bank account could grow very quickly.

When I got into it my imager cost $17,000.00 and, with the right training, it was a real blessing.

Prices have come way down since then and retired.

I hope this helps.

There are quite a few inspectors using the C5 from what I have read here in the forum. If memory serves, there is some sort of software hack that can be done to “upgrade” it. I could be wrong on the model though. Try using the MB search option at the top.

@lkage makes a good point about pricing. Use what you can afford and save for the more expensive items, especially being new to the industry. Blowing all of your money on just one thing will take away from other things, like advertising for example. since the E6 is going for $2K and E8 $3K, from a fiscal standpoint, I would stick with the $700 C5 for a while anyway, until business income increases enough for the more expensive cameras to pay for themselves. Make the cheaper tool buy the upgrade, if that makes sense.

I think that is a hack from E4 to E8?. I don’t think the C5 can be hacked to an E8 from what I have seen.


Yeah, I think you’re right. I couldn’t recall which model it was. Thanks for the correction.

You can get the C5 at inspector outlet and get a 10% off for being a member of Internachi.

Don’t give anything away for free. What have you ever gotten for free that you cared about?If you provide it and want to market it as part of your inspection raise your prices.


There is almost always the same seller on Ebay selling the upgraded version of the E4 upgraded to the E8. Did anyone get this unit and can comment on it?

When I was 6 or 8 there was a prize give away, which was a gas powered go cart. Being a kid, on the way there I asked my mom if I win it, can I drive it home?..she said something about chickens hatching. I didn’t really hear it.

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